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The Ultimate Bliss Meditation With Bruce Langford

REW 2 | Bliss Meditation


Do you need a respite from all the stress that clings to your being as we all go through the challenge of COVID-19? Join Moneeka Sawyer as she invites Bruce Langford, host of Mindfulness Mode, to guide you through the ultimate bliss meditation. Whatever life throws at you, remember that you can control your success if you choose to. Be prepared to open your mind, express gratitude and move from stress to bliss. Let Bruce guide you to take that EXTRA step.

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The Ultimate Bliss Meditation With Bruce Langford

I’m gifting you another amazing episode of EXTRA. I hope this helps you to experience bliss no matter what you’re going through. Enjoy the meditation.

Bruce, we are here in EXTRA.

I’m glad to be here with a select few and this is great that you’re here joining us on EXTRA because this is an exciting place to be. This feels blissful.

I was telling Bruce that this is like the true gift of what I do. EXTRA is the place where I get to give you the real deep dive. It’s where my guest gets to shine and provide you with what you need to make your life and your business better. I love doing EXTRA. Thank you, Bruce. This is going to be fun. You talk a lot about moving from stress to bliss. Let’s do a meditation on creating that bliss in our lives.

You are enough. You are what you're meant to be right here and right now. Share on X

I’m Bruce Langford, host of Mindfulness Mode, and it’s great to be here. As we move through this challenge of COVID-19, we all have certain levels of stress. I want to help you find your bliss in this place. Wherever this place is, whatever that means for you. Begin by finding a good place to meditate, whether that’s in your office, at home, or in a quiet corner. Even if you can’t find a quiet place, it doesn’t have to be that quiet, but find a place where you’re comfortable. Sit in an upright chair. A kitchen chair, a dining type chair, where your back can be straight. Maybe you’re sitting on a stool, a cushion, a carpet, or on a yoga mat. Any of those things work, any of those things will be fine. Let’s begin with an inhale. If you can inhale through your nose, that’s what I suggest and if you’re not comfortable with that, that’s okay too. Take a deep breath, and notice the air as it moves past your lips or through your nostrils.

Notice how you feel. Notice that small level of bliss that’s beginning to come to you. That’s beginning to move into you. Notice how beautifully you begin to feel a little bit more relaxed. As you let the air leave your body, realize that you are exhaling the stress. You are exhaling any of the pressures that you’ve been feeling. Every time you inhale, you’re inhaling bliss. You’re bringing bliss into your life. You’re bringing bliss into your body. As you begin to prepare to breathe in again, imagine that we are walking in nature. We’re in a beautiful wooded area with lovely trees and the fresh air feels invigorating. You can hear the water flowing from a stream that is flowing nearby and that trickling of the water makes you feel relaxed. You stop and notice the birds in the air singing and the sound of the water.

You realize that that is truly bliss you’re experiencing at this particular moment in time. You’re noticing beautiful lush greenery along the path. You continue to notice the happy sounds of the birds as they’re celebrating life. You think, “I’m celebrating life right in this moment. This is my life that I can celebrate because I am experiencing bliss.” As you take a breath, you start to focus on your forehead and your temples. You decide to let the tension go as you exhale. You let tension release that was holding itself in your forehead and your temples. It feels good to be in that place of nature, walking along that pathway, noticing the beautiful plants, flowers, the leaves, and the birds. You decide to release the tension that’s holding itself in your jaw because that is where we tend to hold more attention than any place else.

As you exhale, you’re releasing that tension from your jaw, from your chin, from the area of your body there that is holding tension. You feel incredible and peaceful. You realize that this moment in time is truly your gift. This is your blissful, relaxed, peaceful place. You know that not only are you enjoying us at this moment, but you can return to this place. You can return whenever you decide to. At another time, you can choose bliss by slowing down, by finding a quiet spot to meditate. As you do it, and it becomes a habit, you’ll realize that it doesn’t even matter how quiet it is because you’ll be going into your own place of bliss.

You’re noticing that your level of gratitude is increasing and you feel incredibly grateful for not only the way you’re feeling at this moment, but you’re thinking about some of the other things in your life that give you gratitude, the people you love and who love you. You’re thinking about some of the things that you love to do in life that give you pleasure and give you bliss. Gratitude is a gift that can bring you to a beautiful place of being grounded and feeling peace. You walk a little more along the pathway and as you round a bend, you see a new grouping of trees and they look comfortable. Think of a tree, it’s been living its life there for many years and there’s nothing more grounded than a tree being what it is. It’s not trying to be a flower. It’s not trying to be a stream. It’s a tree and it knows its identity and that’s like us. We can accept who we are. We can accept that we can enjoy being the best person we can be. You are enough.

REW 2 | Bliss Meditation

Bliss Meditation: As we move through this challenge of COVID-19, we all have certain levels of stress. Meditation can help you find your bliss.


You are what you’re meant to be right here and right now. You do not need to think of being something different because you are perfect, absolutely the way you are. You’re aware of that beautiful, fresh air that you’re breathing out in this nature experience. You decide to take another deep, full, relaxing breath. You’re feeling incredible. As you walk along, you hear the sound of your feet walking on the leaves. It’s almost like you’re looking down at yourself, seeing yourself in this peaceful, beautiful place of nature. This person who is enjoying such a beautiful experience of bliss and you’re thinking, “This moment is pure relaxation. I feel content. I know that I can return to this spot.” Knowing that you can return and come back to seeing the nature, hearing the sound of water and enjoying the relaxed feeling in your body, it gives you a beautiful feeling of strength and confidence, knowing that you can control what you can control.


You can let go of that, which you can’t control. As you think that beautiful thought, you begin to open your eyes and you decide to come back and you know you’ll be much more relaxed and grounded as you return to your place in this world. Thank you so much for reading this guided meditation. It’s my pleasure to be here in EXTRA with Moneeka. Thank you for sharing your space here with me. This is beautiful.

That was amazing. I have nothing more to say. Thank you much, Bruce.

It’s my pleasure, Moneeka.

Ladies, thank you for joining Bruce and I. Thank you for taking this EXTRA step towards your bliss. Remember, you can control your own success.


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About Bruce Langford

REW 2 | Bliss MeditationBruce Langford is a Mindfulness Life Coach and founder of the highly acclaimed Mindfulness Mode Podcast. Through his consulting, Bruce helps professionals, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, team leaders, and CEOs decrease anxiety and stress, by helping them change their mindset and improve their work-life balance. Having spent 14 years working in the field of bullying prevention, Bruce realizes that many individuals actually bully themselves, resulting in self-sabotaging behaviors. Bruce has invested in various forms of real estate during the past eighteen years.




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