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How To Build Your Team To Build Your Business with Kris Ward

REW 21 | Build Your Team


Even the brightest and most successful people have a team behind them. In this episode, Kris Ward explains why building a team can help you grow and build your business. Understand why it’s important to aim to be replaceable in your own business and why it’s not a bad thing. She talks about the importance of shifting your time away from jobs you can delegate to someone else. Kris believes that if you can afford to hire someone, you should go ahead and do it. She also gives a reminder on why stretching out the responsibility of a single person can be a bad idea. Kris also gives away some tips and shares some platforms you can use to build your dream team for a penny in order to start getting your time back.

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How To Build Your Team To Build Your Business with Kris Ward

I am excited to bring to the show Kris Ward. She is the leading authority in building your business by building your team. She is the Founder of the Win The Hour, Win The Day! philosophy. She helps entrepreneurs easily double their income and triple their time off. After the loss of her husband, she turned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist. She was thrilled to see that her business had not only survived her absence but was thriving. She has completely changed the landscape for entrepreneurs by sharing the successful practices that allowed her absence. She has been interviewed by one of the original sharks from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, and ABC’s Secret Millionaire, James Malinchak. She has been featured on award-winning podcasts, radio, and TV shows throughout North America. Kris, welcome to the show. How are you?

I’m excited to be here.

When I was reading your bio, the first thing that came to me is people’s feeling of, “If I’m gone and the business does great without me, I’m no longer needed.” That fear mentality that people have. I hear my husband talk about this all the time where he’s like, “If an engineer has gone and everything that they have set in motion continues to go, then they’re likely to get laid off.” There’s this mentality of, “I need to be active in my business to be relevant.” It’s not true. As business owners, we stay relevant by being the visionary and then having the teams underneath us. I’m excited to talk about that as a time management tool. Could you tell us more about yourself? How did you get to where you are?

I’m a marketing strategist and I was pulled away from my business when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. What happened was quick that started to gobble up our calendar like nobody’s business, it’s insane, chemo appointments, surgeries, and specialists. Quickly, that became the new normal. One thing led to another and all of a sudden there I am and many years have passed. After his passing, I come back to work and it became public for the first time. Nobody knew what was going on. Nobody knew what was happening. My clients were completely not aware of it. They started to ask me with a gentle approach under the capacity of time management, productivity, and team building. How do they manage that?

They were not even aware of my absence. I had a renewed commitment to the fragility of life and that business should be fun and that it should support your life and not consume it, whatever your business whether it’s your side hustle or this or that. It should be something that enhances your life, not drains your life. I started working with people because I love helping people. I wanted to create a movement where we weren’t always doing things you hated or you’re hiding in the closet, answering emails because you’re zoning out when you’re with your family. That started with me having a lot of success, offline group coaching, we took it online. I wrote a book and we have our first product, The Outsourcing Playbook for Busy Entrepreneurs. That’s how it evolved is helping other people so that you could enjoy life.

Through the whole Coronavirus thing, one of the things that I realized is that most of what I was doing day to day was not filling me up and not giving me bliss, which made feel I’m not being authentic to my superpower, which is being blissful, but also my message. I have to walk the talk and I’ve walked the talk for so long and I don’t know where I lost sight of that. Fortunately, I caught it, I don’t think I’ve been in that place for long. This particular topic is a topic that has been heavy on my mind. There’s still a lot that I want to accomplish.

There’s still a message that’s important. I still want to do my podcast. I still want to do all of these things, but I can’t have it eating up my life the way that it has. I’m delighted that there are other people that are out there having this conversation because, for the Millennials, it is a cool topic, but for people in my generation, the opposite topic is what’s like, “How much do you work? How many hours do you put in?” All of those things are the things that make you seem powerful as opposed to, “How am I creating a lifestyle around my business? How is my business supporting that lifestyle in a way that brings me bliss so I don’t have to put in as many hours and the priority is the play and feel blissful?”

You could change your life by simply starting your team. Share on X

You bring up a lot of good points and it happens gradually that you start with this mission in mind and you’re going to do this thing, whatever your thing is, and you get all excited and passionate about it. All of a sudden, that thing you do requires a little bit of pre-work, post-work and it starts gobbling up your calendar. It’s like sitting in a bathtub and all of a sudden, “When did this water get cold?” It happens gradually. This is a story that happened to me many years ago and how my team started. The turning point for me was I realized you could change your life by simply starting your team.

I remember many years ago, which seems long ago now technology-wise, and I was still going to physical appointments. I would go to some of these offices, we would sit down, we would plan their marketing, and I would give them different ideas and packages. I would be writing these notes on my laptop or on my iPad, but still, they were temporary notes. I would promise myself hand to God when I got back to the office, I would put them right in my computer. That never happened. What I started to see was a pattern where on Friday afternoons, I had the stress of the whole week and things got distracted. Now, I have to put in a bunch of notes from meetings I had during the week.

What happened with that is these notes are written with the idea that they were temporary. In twenty minutes, I get back to the office, I’ll put the notes in. I found myself when people called the next week to ask, “Let’s do this. I promised them a package. I made them an offer.” I could barely make out my notes because there was supposed to be something that lasted twenty minutes. My fear was, as I panicked, what if I gave them the wrong price or missed one thing off my promise? They will think I was trying to swindle them. Not that I had bad notes. When I started working with building a team outsourcing, it was still the mindset that you were dealing with somebody on the other side of the world who is driving a chicken to work. This seems crazy.

It’s a little bit more mainstream and people don’t understand how to leverage it. My first outsourcer was a transcriptionist. What happened was I would sit in my car after the meeting, I would talk 30 seconds with great clarity and being specific. She would put it in the file, it was there within 24 hours. I got all of Friday afternoon back. I stopped beating myself up all week and because this is what she did and this was her passion, she was fast at it. She had ten clients, but some weeks I needed her an hour, some weeks I needed none. The first week she saved me and got me all Friday afternoon back, I spent $12. When you say building a team, you often get confused with an employee mindset like bringing somebody on and managing them and the cost and the upfront work.

That’s what I want people to understand. No matter what you’re doing, if this is your side hustle, you do real estate on the side, or you have a full-time job, they still admit I’ve worked with people who were gainfully employed and I helped them outsource some of their work so that they could still work fewer hours. The way they were working sometimes from home is that they were still producing as long as you are producing. An average of clients we work with the first month get 25 hours back a week. Even if you had a full-time job and you were building a team under your own umbrella, it’s separate from the company, you still can get eight hours back a week and it allows you to be the creative agent and allows you to move on to the next thing. If you’re holding on to that job at a fear, that is a job and you’re always going to be limited. If you are stuck there, that limits your financial ability. You want to be replaceable.

A lot of the ladies that are reading this show, their side hustle is real estate. They do have a full-time job. They may be moms. We’ve got our relationships and our friends and got many demands in life. This is something I do well is outsourcing housework. I have someone that cleans the house. I take my laundry out. Even if it’s not specifically related to your job, outsourcing a lot of those things that are not the best and highest use of your time is where you can start, which regains your time back. What’s funny about this is that in Coronavirus and I can’t allow my house cleaner in and I don’t have someone else doing my laundry.

I’m realizing how much time that takes and how much time that saved me by outsourcing it so that I could be a better wife, a better friend, better daughter, better business owner, a better podcaster. I can do much more because those hours are not being taken up, but it’s in my face even those little things that we can outsource. Let’s talk more specifically about things that we can outsource in our businesses, our jobs, and specifically in real estate. In real estate, our team is going to consist of our vendors, our tenant, our real estate agent, our mortgage broker, our title company. Those are the people that we think of as our team. There are other team members that are not in the limelight that can help us to be more productive. Wouldn’t you say?

REW 21 | Build Your Team

Time Management for Small Business: A 4-Week Productivity Plan to Go from Overwhelmed to Highly Efficient and Reclaim Your Life (Win the Hour, Win the Day Book 1)

What happens with most of the people I work with. We have 90-day coaching cycles and most of the clients I work with, what they don’t realize is how much redundancy there is in their work. No matter how specific or talented they are or how niche their career is. As somebody that’s doing real estate, social media has to be an aspect of that. You’ve got to be on there. It’s all about networking and relationships. We work with clients where, for example, you have your time allotted and you’re busy. You might pop on and do some social media 0.5-hour in the morning and night, but you could have an assistant, someone you outsource that make sure the way I do it is we have this little thing. If I use BaseCamp or Google docs.

They could tag everybody. Let’s say I was commenting so when I get messages, what I do is I go at the end of the day, my team puts together any link where somebody tagged me, messaged me, asked me about my product. I go in specifically and hit 30 contacts instead of scrolling four different social media platforms and trying to pick up, “I got this message on LinkedIn. I got here, got there.” It’s all put together for me and it saves me a lot of time because then you get seduced into social media and answering this and shiny that, and all of a sudden you bought a pair of earrings and you’re like, “I was up here.”

There are many different things that you think, “I can’t do. Let’s take it even on the grounds of we’re promoting our Outsourcing Playbook For Busy Entrepreneurs.” When somebody asks me about that, I will respond and type it out. When I do that, all of a sudden, I notice that there are fifteen different responses. I keep copying and pasting my response to Google Docs. Now, my team is out there and if somebody asks a question about it because I did a video, they take one of the responses I already gave. It starts off with, “That’s a great question. Here’s what we’re working on.” They copy and paste my language into an answer. It’s the exact same thing only I didn’t manually type it out myself. I’m leveraging my networking, my social media, and doing all these things, but I’m leaning on my team so that I can be somewhere else and not succumb by the overwhelming necessity of being all day long on social media. There are many little things that especially if real estate is your side hustle, where you can say, “Time matters to me. Let’s lean into this.”

Talk to me about how you would find that backend help?

On my website, www.WinTheHourWinTheDay.com, that’s probably the number one question I get. Here’s what happens, people will look at somebody that I have on my team or one of my clients will say to me, “Everyone is envious of my team.” They get thinking that it’s this magical place, this magical well we pulled them from or, “I got this one lucky person.” Everybody needs Ruby. “Ruby’s great. Everyone needs a Ruby.” People will say to me, “Can I borrow her?” That’s like saying, “Here’s my sister. We’re close. We get along well. Would you like to have the same relationship with her?” We have a process. There’s been a history there. She’s been trained, all that stuff, and you can have it too.

What I would tell you is there are different platforms depending on what you need and different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. A more commonly known one is oDesk, but they take 10% off everything that you pay that person forever. If it’s somebody that’s going to be a virtual assistant, it may not be something you want. Philippines Online is great where you pay monthly and you can cancel after you get your VA for that month and they’re happy with it. You’re done with that relationship and you pay them anyway. There are different platforms for different specific needs.

It’s like, “Can I get pants at Walmart?” “Yes, but you don’t want to wear them to a wedding.” What I think is important in the question is understanding that it’s a process and it’s a talent because people will say to me, “I listened to you. I heard you. I thought you were right. I went off. I hired somebody and it didn’t work out. Kids these days and the economy.” I say, “That’s like my accountant saying, “What you need is a new tax strategy.” I come back three months later and say, “That didn’t work out.” “What do I know about that?” People get confused and think that because you have a business, you run out and hire somebody. That’s not like hiring a part-time at a grocery store. You want to understand that you don’t have the skillset, experience, or training in that area. You’re going to pay dearly on experimenting on yourself. That’s why I created The Outsourcing Playbook For Busy Entrepreneurs. You need to have a strategy.

What is the biggest mistake that someone makes when trying to build the team?

They get one person to do one job and they get excited about how that’s working out. Let’s say you hire a social media person and you say, “I got the social media person. I heard this amazing podcast. Kris gave some tips. They were awesome. She’s right. I saved a whole bunch of time. Copying pasting answers. She tagged all my responses so I could go in 0.5-hour a day, respond to people.” Next week they start going, “That worked well. That saved me much time. I’m happy. I’m going to get her to write some copy. I’m going to get her to do some graphics. It would be good if we have a quote every week.”

All of a sudden, they start stretching that job because they’ve had success and they start being unclear as to what that person’s responsibilities are. The VA person becomes a social media person in social media because they’re on social media, starts becoming the graphic designer because people think, “I asked you to grab messages. You did that well. I’ll start getting you to do some graphics.” It starts bleeding into other areas, which frankly is what’s wrong with traditional employment when you are hiring somebody part-time and, “I only need them two hours a week, but who’s going to come in for two hours a week? I have to hire them for twelve, but then I have to fill the other hours with work.” That creates more work and you have to get a desk and a computer. That’s the beauty of outsourcing is like with the idea of the transcriptionist, some weeks I needed her for an hour, some weeks I needed her for none, but she was zoned in on that and she was amazing at it. That worked. Don’t start stretching the responsibilities because someone impressed you in one area.

One of the things that I’ve had an experience with is that I might have five different people that specialize in something on one particular project. For instance, my show. I record it and it goes up onto a Google Drive. There are five people that touch that show before it gets to my audience. There’s a person that does the editing. There’s the person that loads up into Libsyn and writes a little thing. They also produce the newsletter. Someone else who does the video portion and then someone else that loads all the video out to all the different platforms. Even before that, you filled out a form. Everything goes into a spreadsheet so that guy that writes my notes can get all the spreadsheets.

Get everything off of there and it goes up and it’s like magic, but I will say that because there are many people touching it because those are their specialties. I feel like I’m still constantly managing. It seems like it’s flow, but there are all these portions and if one portion doesn’t work, that means that what I’m doing is checking everybody’s work along the way. These people have worked for me for two years. It’s like there was a problem with one of the videos because it wasn’t sized right and she didn’t notice that. I’ve got a beautifully-flowing process, but I’m still managing all of those pieces, which is what I wanted to avoid in the first place.

That is the fear of most people and you get these different people, but you’re still the gatekeeper. Let’s say my process from my podcast, Win the Hour, Win the Day, what happens is there might be 40 steps to that and they go through all the departments you do, I’ve not reinvented the wheel. It’s the same thing. He’s got to edit it and do all this different stuff. What happens is the first thing will be this has been recorded. I flag my VA and then there are all these steps. Her job is to push them through all those steps saying, “I’ve got this and that.” She alerts the graphic guy. There is a separate person other than me that approves it going through and make sure it keeps moving through the machine like a widget.

REW 21 | Build Your Team

Build Your Team: Don’t start stretching the responsibilities because someone impressed you in one area.


We have somebody that we call audits it. You’re saying, “They didn’t catch that.” When we put it up in Simplecast, that’s a platform we all use for podcasts. Somebody has to listen to that podcast because how do we know until a listener tells us that nothing aired or got cut-off halfway. It’s about the process you have. You have some cracks in your process that can be eliminated and those are the two groups of people I work with. They don’t understand they can outsource it all. They have done it with some success, but there are cracks in there which are causing them as much work as before and they think, “I’ve come far. I’ve made such a gain. I’m doing all these great things yet I’m still being sucked back in like those movies saying, ‘They pull you back in one more time.’”

What’s happening is you’re playing a little bit of game of ping pong. You’re pinging into somebody else. They’re ponging it back to you, then you have to ping it to somebody else. We often hire and teach our clients how to hire. We’ve got a whole bunch of applications coming in for one of my clients for a virtual assistant. My assistant goes in, pre-qualifies, and narrows down that list for me. If I get 200 applicants, “These are the things we’re looking for.” We go from 200 down to 45. You can have somebody that nurtures your process and fills in those cracks. You’re almost there but think about making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. One little step where you don’t put the chocolate chips in after the cookies are baked ruins the whole recipe.

You’re like, “I followed all the steps. It tastes like sugar. It’s sweet. The chocolate chips melt when I put them on the hot cookie, it’s not the same as what I thought it would be.” That’s what’s happening there. You were close, but your process has some holes in it. That’s why people get sucked into thinking, “It’s too much time to manage it.” After I record my show, I spend about twelve minutes on it, and then I never see or hear it again, but the process takes care of checking on itself, proofing it, auditing it, and all those things that go into that. That’s the movement I want to create. This is not magic.

It feels magical to have all of that taken off of my shoulders. I do love this show. I love everything about it, but there is a reality about there are only 24 hours in the day.

You love the show because you’re great at it and you are an on-air personality and this is what you do best. Your readers can tell how vibrant you are, how engaged you are, how much you enjoy interviewing people. That does not mean you love doing all the heavy admin work. You don’t have to apologize for loving your show. You do, but all the post-production work, like somebody who’s an actress, a movie star we all have seen TV doesn’t mean they want to be in the editing room.

When do you think is a good time to start looking for a team? For me, before I got into it, it took about a year to buy into, “I needed all of those processes handled because it was not the best use of my time.” That’s my show business. Different businesses are going to have different timeframes. We perceive that, which is where I was headed. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Anything done well in the history of mankind on any level had a team and especially any aspect of the business. People have this false idea and I had it too. Once they get to a certain financial plateau, a certain number of clients, when I’ve been in business many years and I’ll build a team and when I get a certain revenue and like I said, “I can’t afford it. I have no time to manage the team and I have no money.” That example I gave with the $12. That’s a coffee. For $12, I got all of Friday afternoon back to myself and the stress of the whole week and all I had to do was mess up one client and say, “I gave you the wrong price.” Now, I lost that opportunity. It certainly was worth the $12.

If you're holding on to a job, you're always going to be limited. If you are stuck, that limits your financial ability. Share on X

What I would tell you is like the old saying goes, “The best time is day one. The second best time is today.” You want to keep up with your competition with all the things that are happening online, if you want your business to survive, if you want to get to that next thing that’s going to bring you financial opportunities. Frankly, if you want to stay in business, if you’re tired of looking around and saying, “How’s that person getting that? They got a book out, the podcast, and they’re doing all these things.” It’s because they have a team. A team is the backbone of any success story in the history of the business.

Let’s talk about how that would relate to real estate specifically. Many of the ladies that are reading are agents, but the real intention is to be investors. When we talk about my readers are all investors, this is their side hustle. They’re not selling real estate. There are not the processes of lead generation and all of that stuff that you would normally think of with an agent. There is lead generation, for instance with finding tenants or for finding vendors. There are interview processes to find your agent, you have to go through that whole process so you find the right person. Talk a little bit about what backend processes might work for someone who’s got this side hustle that they’re trying to make successful while they’re working full-time?

Everything comes down to admin work. When I gave the example of social media and having my messages tagged, maybe they’re not lead generations for you, but they might be somebody that’s got, “I saw this property. It’s a good deal for you.” It’s still a business of networking and relationships. I still don’t know any business in this day and age, especially now after this whole pandemic thing, there’s going to be a huge shift where businesses are going to have to be much stronger online. Everything’s going to have to have the security and the backbone of running as efficiently online. Even if it’s something that wouldn’t traditionally do that. Let’s say you’re a massage therapist or something like that. There’s always a heavy amount of admin to anything it’s doing whether it’s chasing emails or people, or whether it’s sending paperwork to those vendors. There is a significant amount of copy and paste.

We don’t realize how much we do that in a day and having to move things from pile A to pile B. What I would tell you is when I’m working with people like that, we first sit down and we do a little audit and we take a look especially when they’ve got a full-time job and the investment is their side hustle. Whatever their processes are, when they take on a new vendor, they send them these pieces of paperwork. Having somebody else do that, “That only takes five minutes.” “We’ll times that to the other twenty things you did today, then we saved you two hours.”

Every time you shift from a five-minute to a five-minute, you lose time. That took five minutes and I have to think about what’s that next project, pull everything up, and do and get into that. Any five-minute project from my own experience takes at least twenty minutes.

In fact, in my book, when the day we talk about whenever you switch modalities, even being interrupted, they say it takes you about 22 minutes. They’ve done studies. It’s in the book. About 22 minutes to get your brainpower back to the same intensity or focus that you had before the interruption. Even like me, I think, “I work much faster and harder.” That doesn’t apply to me. Let’s say you’re superhuman and they’re wrong. Let’s cut that in half and say, “It’s twelve minutes.” The 5 minutes plus the 12 minutes to take you back to get there. It is like your cell phone where all the apps are open and start burning down your battery quicker.

It’s nice to have someone that is turning and doing that thing because even if they’re switching clients, they’re doing the same process so they don’t have to get back into the mindset. They have to find the new client, but they’re still in the flow of that thing that they’re doing.

REW 21 | Build Your Team

Build Your Team: It’s a magical time to be in business because we are dealing with economies around the world.


Especially real estate and relationships like that because it’s paper-heavy, it’s admin heavy. It’s full of a lot of paperwork. I’ve got one situation where one of my rental properties is like, “There’s an issue with the plumbing. We have to process quickly. I’ve got fifteen minutes to deal with this because it was out of nowhere.” I need you to respect your time. This is what happens. We have a process for emergencies. Somebody is taking care of that because here are the steps. It’s not going to be the first nor the last time.

That’s the key to blissful investing. The way that I only spend 5 to 10 hours a month building a multimillion-dollar business is because I’ve got the processes and the team to handle that. For me, I’ve trained my renters to be the team, but not everybody can do that. I deal with executive homes, not everybody’s doing that. You have to have a team and for me, it’s my renters, but it’s the process that creates the freedom and the time so that you’re not reinventing the wheel every single time. Because that plumbing problem happened for you, unless you’ve got 100 doors, that same plumbing problem or similar plumbing problem is probably not going to show up for another year. You have to recreate the process and try to remember what you did, who was your contact, and who was it that you liked. If you’ve got a process, now you can say, “Here’s my plumbing issue thing. This is the guy that I call. This is what I tell him. This is what I asked my tenant to do.” It’s done in fifteen minutes rather than the recreation and trying to remember that, which can take two hours.

Many years ago, when I was doing trade shows for my business, I had a process even then, “I need this. I need that.” I was going to a trade show for the first time that was super close to my home. I was looking at my computer and was like, “I don’t need the keyboard because I’m not going to be dueling. There’s no Wi-Fi. I need the computer screen for display to rotate these visuals and stuff.” Before the doors open, I turn and the password comes up on my screen and they need a four-digit password for my computer to work. I left the keyboard at the office because I thought I didn’t need it. I violated my process. No matter how loudly you scream at a computer, it will not absorb the password.

The point is, what happened was I hadn’t done a trade show in a year, even though I had the process, I was tired. It was down the street. I took some shortcuts. I knew better. Whenever I step outside the process, it’s like, “You’re going to get burned.” Some people don’t have that process at all. Every year they’re doing something and they haven’t done 6 or 3 months. You’re wasting all that fuel relearning, “Where’s that phone number? What’s that plumber guy’s name? Did he have brown hair or was that the redheaded carpenter?”

What would you say to expect some getting help would cost?

Anything done well, in the history of mankind, on any level, had a team. Especially any aspect of business. Share on X

It’s crazy affordable. It’s like I explained with the transcriptionist, that was $12. I don’t even know what she does anymore because there are many platforms out there that are $0.10 a minute. It’s a magical time to be in business because with the global economy, we are dealing with economies around the world. In the Philippines, it’s $4.75 a day for minimum wage. When you pay them $5 an hour, they are thrilled and they’re living quite the life. That’s affordable for you. What that also lets you do is give your in-house or people that are local, you can pay them more and you can invest in the company more.

Originally, there were some concerns like, “Are we exploiting them.” I had a couple of people many years ago talk to me, she was an American from the Philippines. When I was first introduced to outsourcing many years ago, I was like, “That seemed like I was exploiting someone.” She said like, “Who are you to tell them what they should spend their money on? We look at the North American lifestyle of wasteful and ridiculous and your family’s all spread out and they’re not in one home.” There were these misguided understandings in the beginning, but you globally can do a lot for a dollar these days. I call it building a rock star team for pennies. It’s super affordable. I got all Friday afternoon off and back in my hands for $12. That you can stomach. If you can’t afford to hire someone, then you need to hire someone.

It will free up the time for you to do the things that are going to make you money. Could you tell everybody how they can reach you?

Tell me you heard me on this amazing show on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. We’ve got some free gifts from FreeGiftFromKris.com. Your readers can go in and grab some stuff. It’s a little bit of a treasure box. There are things that we still charge for that are in there.

Why don’t you tell us a super tip on getting started in real estate investing?

Get in on any level that you can and you will be shockingly surprised that it increases the value. I bought properties where I think, “This is a cute little place in a rural area. I’ll be lucky. I pay down a bit. It’s an investment.” All of a sudden you come back five years later, it’s this crazy amount of money for this little house. Even then you think, “It can’t go up anymore.” We know real estate keeps going up in an insane amount. Get on any level you can and it will grow.

What is one strategy on being successful in real estate investing?

REW 21 | Build Your Team

Build Your Team: If you can afford to hire someone, then you need to hire someone.


Take care and maintain the property. Don’t take shortcuts because it starts to unravel quickly. There is no, “It’s just the garage door.” It tatters quickly. Treat it with respect and put quality into it when there are adjustments or repairs that need to be made.

What is one daily practice you would say contributes to your personal success?

Taking care of yourself first and putting work inside that. If you don’t have your health, you have 100% of nothing. Vitality is everything. I exercise, I stop for a proper lunch, I learned how to chew my food slower. Make sure that there are non-negotiables as far as self-care goes and put the work inside that because there will always be more work.

Kris, thank you for what you’ve offered in this portion of the show. It’s been amazing.

Thank you for having me. There’s nothing more valuable than someone who can give you than their time. I appreciate that.

Ladies, thank you for joining Kris and me for this portion of the show. I look forward to seeing you next time. Until then, remember, goals without action are just dreams. Get out there, take action, and create the life your heart deeply desires. I’ll see you soon. Bye.


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