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The Joy Of Giving With Catherine Gray – Real Estate Women

REW 90 | Joy Of Giving


There is joy in giving. If you want to feel good about your own success, you need to help others. Moneeka Sawyer’s guest in this episode is Catherine Gray, the Co-Founder of She Angels Foundation. Catherine talks with Moneeka about how it’s crucial for women to get behind women and invest in one another. To prove this point, do you know that women and girls get less than 1.6% of all charitable giving? That’s why Catherine helped create the She Angels Foundation. To help women! If you want to experience the joy of giving, tune in to this episode.

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The Joy Of Giving With Catherine Gray

Real Estate Investing for Women

I am excited to welcome to the show our guest and a dear friend of mine, Catherine Gray. She is the Founder of She Angels Investors, a producer, author, and TEDx speaker. She is also the host of Invest in Her Podcast. Her focus is on getting women funded and she launched a new online video course called Six Ways to Fund Your Business. She is also the Cofounder of the She Angels Foundation, a nonprofit that gives grants to female foundation nonprofits that are helping women to thrive. Catherine, welcome to the show. How are you?

Moneeka, I always love your beautiful energy. Thank you for having me.

Ladies, I wanted to let you know that for about a year and a half, I have been on the advisory board with Catherine. Catherine’s one of the Founders of the She Angels Foundation. She is someone who I’m very close to and we do amazing things together. That’s why we wanted Catherine to come on the show because I wanted to emphasize that as we’re going through the holiday hustle and bustle and thinking about our families and all of those things, sometimes we get a little frustrated.

Catherine and I started with a little bit of a gripe fest. I don’t normally indulge in that but Catherine is uplifting that I felt like I could bend and she would uplift with me. Even blissful people need help. We’re going through stuff. Although the holiday is as joyous as it can be, it can bring up some stuff. I find that one of the things that help me to get out of that place is to think about giving to others. How is it that I can serve a family a little bit better?

This is one thing that Catherine and I talked about. I’m not going to be able to keep everybody happy. This is one of those seasons where everybody is as determined as me to stay happy but I can’t keep myself happy. A lot of that has to do with my mindset. I love opening presents on Christmas morning. For us, my husband has got instructions. There need to be lots of gifts under the tree. He can buy a box of pencils and wrap each pencil separately. I want lots of little gifts. That’s the fun thing for me. It’s not about the presents.

That’s the little girl in me wanting to have fun on Christmas morning. What keeps me uplifted through the whole season is thinking about how I can be of service. How can I be of service to my family? When I’m buying gifts, it’s like, “What would this person love?” It’s thinking about the best in each of the people that I love and then giving that person the best of me.

What can I get them that they would love? It doesn’t have to be expensive. I got someone pepper jelly. What is it that would make them smile? I imagine that smile. There’s that. There’s also the broader vision. How can I give to the world? You know that for me, bliss is about how I contribute to the world.

I wanted Catherine to come on because I want to focus to help everybody and on this idea of giving. Christmas is the season of giving. We get out of our way and allow joy in. That’s what this show is about. Since Catherine and I are in this foundation together and she’s the Founder, I thought there was no person better to have this conversation with than Catherine.

Women and girls get less than 1.6% of all charitable giving.

Happy holidays. We’re excited. You and I both love the holidays. I agree with you that giving can mean giving a gift but also what we’re talking about is giving something to an organization or nonprofit that’s helping somebody who’s underserved. What a great feeling that is. That’s why we launched the She Angels Foundation, which Moneeka and I are both on the board for that.

The reason that we started it is because women and girls get less than 1.6% of all charitable giving. It’s bleak. We thought, “Let’s create a foundation that we give to women and girls’ initiative.” We give to female-founded nonprofits that are helping women to thrive. Let me give you an example. We gave to an organization that helped women veterans get back on their feet. Women came back from the war and they are very underserved as getting financial and other help to get them back in the workforce. We gave it to an organization that helps that.

We gave to another one called Hope Gardens that helps women of domestic violence have a place to be housed while they are getting back on their feet. They help educate them, get a job, and get back in the game. Another one is the People’s Pottery Project. They help formerly incarcerated women that need to learn a profession. They teach them the craft of pottery making and sell the pottery on their site to employ these women to give them a future.

This is a cross-section of who we’ve given to. It’s a collective giving circle. When you become a member like we are, it’s tax-deductible. It goes to a grant that helps one of these entities that’s helping women. The fun part of it is all the members are invited to both online and offline salons with other fabulous and amazing accomplished women for free.

Once you’re a member and make your tax-deductible donation, you get to attend everything for free, collaborate with other incredible women, and be part of the check-giving for the grants’ recipients. You’re stronger when you do collective giving. When we all pool our money together, we have more money to make more of an impact than you and I writing a $100 check to some organization. We don’t see or know where it goes.

REW 90 | Joy Of Giving

Joy Of Giving: You’re stronger when you do collective giving.


This way, you get to meet the recipients, hear what they’re doing with the funding, and feel like you’re a part of it. It is a magical organization. It’s SheAngelsFoundation.org for any readers there that’s a female-founded nonprofit that is helping women to soar, or if you are around the holidays or anytime during the year and you want to become a member and make a donation. Giving is one of the biggest highs that we can feel.

It has been named. It’s called the giver’s high.

It releases endorphins when you give and help other people. It’s a real thing. It’s something everybody should be partaking in during the holidays.

I want to mention a couple of other things. First of all, you can give without giving by going through AmazonSmile, because the She Angels Foundation, you can look them up and put them in as a foundation that you want to give for AmazonSmile. A portion is donated every time you make a purchase. It’s like giving on secret or blindly. As you go along, there’s this wake of giving that happens. Everybody in my world is donating to the She Angels Foundation through AmazonSmile. I love that you set that up.

That’s passive giving. Every time I make a purchase on Amazon, I do see it says you gave two She Angels Foundation. It reminds the person that a portion went to a nonprofit. It’s so cool.

When we’re doing all of our shopping, I don’t know how many people are out and about. I tend to be more of a hermit. I cocoon during December. My Christmas shopping is done but if you’re shopping online, that’s a great way to do it. We all like passive forms of dealing with money. This is a real estate show. We like passive income and can also do passive donating.

The other thing that I wanted to mention is I’ve been to several of the salons both online and in real life with the She Angels. What’s fascinating about these ladies is, first of all, they’re all very successful. You go and you have these conversations with all these women that are so much smarter than you in what they do. It’s a huge expansive experience hanging out with these ladies.

The other cool thing is that much of the time, as women that are aspiring to success or have reached a certain level of success, what we start to notice is that the people around us don’t support us in that success or they’re not happy for us. There might be some jealousy, some people making unkind comments like, “Don’t get too big for your britches,” or whatever it is that people say.

When you hang out in a community like with the She Angels, all of those women are dealing with those same things and they become successful anyway, not by stepping on others but by lifting others. You’re in a community of women that are like-minded and can help you to expand and where the conversations and the connections are magical.

Together, we raise our bliss by making contributions to uplift other women. It’s this beautiful synergy of women supporting women all the way from the top and to the people that we give money to. It’s the people that we’re giving money to who they serve. It’s indescribable until you experience it. From Catherine and Deb, Catherine’s wife, I know why it’s this way, because I know them and I know it would be this way. It’s hard to describe that until you experience it.

To feel good about your success, help others.

I would recommend that you go to SheAngelsFoundation.org and check it out and see what they’ve got. The website’s never going to produce the enthusiasm or understanding that talking to people would or anything like that but they do have salons where you can attend as a non-member for free to check it out. If you’re interested in that, you can contact Catherine or me and we can get you hooked up. This isn’t supposed to be a total sales pitch for She Angels Foundation but both Catherine and I are passionate about it, so we thought we should bring it up. Let’s move on.

It’s a gift when we get to talk about it because when people participate, it impacts their life in a beautiful way. It’s a piece of information we’re sharing and we’re saying, “This is a way to lift your soul during the holidays throughout the year and feel good about your success by helping others.”

Let’s talk specifically about funding women. This is one of those things you’re passionate about. That’s what your TEDx was about. Talk to us a little bit about what this looks like in the world, why women aren’t getting funded, and what the statistics are like.

I certainly am passionate about it, as you know. I did a TEDx Talk called Fund Women-Save The World. I do believe that by funding women, we can save the planet. Many women have the solutions for the environment, cures, and all kinds of technical innovations and they need to be funded. Why are we talking about this? It’s because just like in the charitable world, in the for-profit world, women get less than 2% of venture capital funding. This means 98% goes to men and that is mostly White men.

REW 90 | Joy Of Giving

Joy Of Giving: You don’t have to be an accredited investor to invest in equity crowdfunding.


Why is that? People tend to invest in people they identify with, as I mentioned in the TED Talk. That’s because they understand better the connection that the product of someone that looks like them. That’s why it’s important that we have more women and more people of color in the investment decision-making world. What does that mean? In venture capital, young people can start studying business and say, “I’m going to go work for a venture capital firm and start from the ground up learning that exciting world of new innovations that are helping to change the world.”


The more women we have involved in that, moving up the ranks into the decision-making arenas of venture capital firms, the more it will level the playing field. What else can we do besides that? Every woman reading should become an Angel investor in another woman. There are many ways that you can do that. It could be as easy as a $100 donation on a crowdfunding site, such as IFundWomen or an equity crowdfunding site like Wefunder, StartEngine, and Republic, which is affiliated with SheWorx. There are many out there.

Equity crowdfunding is something new. You don’t have to be an accredited investor to invest in equity crowdfunding, which is something new since Obama signed this into law. It made it possible for smaller businesses to sell equity in their company. An accredited investor has over $1 million in assets and earns over $200,000 a year. That’s a small part of the population that used to be the only people that could invest for equity shares in a company but now that has changed. Equity crowdfunding is something that everybody should educate themselves on and jump into.

Sometimes I hear all these words and I’ve been listening to them, so I’m like, “I understand all that.” Ladies, do you know what equity an equity share is in a company? I’m sure you do. You’ve heard of it. It’s called stock. That’s how normally a layman is interested in a company but isn’t formally involved in the company. They’re not on the board, working for the company, or any of that stuff. We can invest, so we buy stock. You can buy that for very smart portions.

A lot of these smaller women-owned companies have not yet gone public. They still need funding. It used to be that as a venture capitalist, you could come in, have $100 million, invest, and have equity. Those of us that have a $100 don’t get any equity. It’s not stock, so don’t misunderstand me, but I’m going to say it as an analogy. You can buy stock in a company to help them to start and get off the ground. You in return, get a piece of that company. You might have a $100, $1,000, or $50. You can get in for any portion of a company that you believe in or a company that’s providing a service that you believe is needed in the world.

That’s what we’re talking about. Equity funding is a new way of funding for the people that don’t have a ton of money. That wasn’t available to us before. We’ve heard a little bit of this stuff like with Kickstarter, some of the others that are out there, and the crowdfunding. It’s a similar thing but with crowdfunding, you don’t usually get equity in the company.

It’s like a donation. You get swag or the product.

If you go with some of these other organizations, you get equity in the company, which means you are a piece of their growth and excitement of what they’re going to do in the world. It is exciting and fun because you’re watching them, not because you’re going to get something cool but because of the impact that you’re now making on many women’s lives.

Women tend to be more successful business owners.

If you want to play a little bigger game, more women need to be Angel investors. There are so many Angel investment companies and groups popping up all over the country, just about in every city. You can look up angel groups that focus on women and go and learn. What does it mean? How do I become an Angel investor? It’s exciting.

It can be way more profitable than investing in stocks, bonds, or things of that nature that are our typical investments. A lot of Angel investors will make 6 to 10 times their money. You could also lose your money like in any stock. You could buy a stock on the stock exchange and lose your money in that or make money on it. When you do Angel investing, you’re in on the ground floor before companies are going public.

It’s a rare opportunity. It’s where the very wealthy make a lot of money but now it’s more of an opportunity for smaller entities or people to invest $1,000, $5,000, or $20,000 as they jump into it. Don’t do it blindly. Go to an Angel investment group and learn about it. They already know how to vet the people and understand that.

I’m not saying to Angel invest in someone on the street that asks you to invest in their company but these Angel groups are wonderful. They have groups of women that are doing this and they vet it for you. You can learn and understand about how they value it, caps, and all these things that let you know if it’s a good investment. It’s an exciting world.

It’s like the new book club. Instead of getting women and reading a book, you get with a group of women, look at a pitch deck, and see all the innovations that are happening. This is one of the things I love about doing Invest in Her Podcast. Every week, I either have on women that are investing in other women or women that are looking for funding. They always have incredible, extraordinary innovations.

I’m exposed to this every week and anybody could be by being an Angel investor and joining one of these groups. You get to hear about the newest, latest innovations that are coming on the horizon that women are inventing. Without them, the world would be suffering from not having all these innovations. It’s important that women get behind women and invest in another woman.

Whenever I have a platform as I do with your show, I always say, “Everyone that’s reading, be sure that this week you go and invest in another woman, whether it’s in an Angel group if you’re a bigger investor as a venture capital partner or just $100 in an equity crowdfunding campaign.” Everyone can do this. If everyone does it, we will move the needle more quickly so that we’re getting at least 50% of all the funding and not such a small percentage. It will impact the world and you will have a part that you’re playing to solve this issue. It starts with each of us.

What’s important to remember is that so much of the time, we think, “I can’t make an impact. I’ve got $5. I can’t even make it to get enough gifts for my kids.” $5 makes a difference. A hundred thousand people getting $5 is $500,000. Don’t minimize your ability to contribute if it’s in your heart to contribute. Find it in your heart to contribute simply because then you get to have that experience of the giver’s high and understand why I call this one of the bliss practices. You can make it a part of the way that you live your life to help to up-level your bliss in your life.

Whatever it is that you have to contribute, find a place that makes your heart sing and speaks to you. Catherine and I would say to contribute to something that supports women in some way. We’d love it if you did SheAngelsFoundation.org but there are lots of different organizations that you can give to that might speak more to you.

I give a lot to She Angels. My husband gives a lot for women, specifically in our area that are victims of domestic violence. In our area, there are many women that are very wealthy that get abused and they don’t get a lot of compassion. It’s not spoken about but they still need support. My husband feels for these women. They need support and they’re not getting a lot anywhere else. He contributes locally to that organization. We’ve got our places where our heart goes to those people and it makes us feel good.

You also know that I continue to contribute to a school in India to raise the education of women and girls in the villages in India and the boys that support them. For me, it’s all about community. If a woman’s trying to rise but the men are pulling them down, it’s still a patriarchal society. The women will never rise. You got to educate everybody.

I put a lot of my time, energy, and money into an organization. SchoolOfHopeFund.com is the website. That one is where I contribute to the education of girls in India to uplift those communities. We’ve created a huge impact in those communities over the years that I’ve been contributing there. We all have our places that our hearts feel like we want to make an impact.

It’s funny that you mentioned this because we’re talking about Amazon and while Amazon is very convenient, there’s another site that I’m a big fan of called guudguuds because everything you buy on the site goes to a cause for the greater good. You might buy socks and it helps save the rain forest or you might buy a belt and it helps save the elephants. Every product you buy on that site does something for the greater good. There’s another one called TheWMarketplace. It’s all women-owned businesses so it’s women helping women. I’m a big fan of both of those.

There’s SchoolOfHopeFund.com and TheWMarketplace. There are some places to go take a look at ways that you can contribute but don’t be limited by those. Find a way to make a contribution that makes your heart sing. What Catherine and I are trying to emphasize is to make sure that we’re supporting each other as women. A friend of mine, Leeza Gibbons, has a quote that I love. She says, “Girls compete but women collaborate.” I hate to say it this way but so much of the time, we women don’t pay attention to the way that we need to support each other.

We’re focused on our children, husbands, or the men that we work for at work. A lot of the time, there are a lot more women out there at the top, fortunately. There are so many people that we’re trying to satisfy that we forget that we need to support and uplift one another. We feed each other. We’re the ones pouring tea in each other’s cups to keep ourselves uplifted and capable of continuing to give to all the people out there. Remember to support each other. We need it.

In the profit world and the nonprofit world, every woman needs to be doing something to help lift another woman, whether it’s for nonprofit or for-profit. We should be doing both. Women are very comfortable giving to a charity but women need to get more comfortable investing in another woman. Women tend to be more successful business owners, so it’s a good bet and investment. I hope we plant that message that it’s important in every way we can to be supporting other women. You and I are big believers in that. We’re big supporters of each other and there’s such magic or gratification in helping other women.

Ladies, we have more with Catherine. We’re going to be doing a deep dive on the Six Different Ways to Fund Your Business since we’re all about funding. Catherine, can you tell us a little bit high level what we’re going to be covering in EXTRA?

In EXTRA, I’m going to be talking about my eVideo online course called Six Ways to Fund Your Business. Every week, I have the honor of talking to all these different women entrepreneurs that have incredible ideas that they’re launching or businesses that they’re growing. They always want to know, “How do I launch it? How do I take it to the next level?” I’ve done all the leg work for them as to what are the various ways that you can get funded and how do you access that funding. That’s what the core Six Ways to Fund Your Business is about. That’s what we’ll be talking about.

People can find out about it on my website www.SheAngelInvestors.com and everything’s there. When you sign up, we give you a free white paper that talks about the various ways you can get funded. If you want to get the online course, it’s a deeper dive so that you learn what is the best fit for you, what are the options, and how do you access it.

Could you tell us one more time how people can get in touch with you if they’ve got questions about She Angels Foundation, the eCourse, or any of that stuff?

REW 90 | Joy Of Giving

Joy Of Giving: More women need to be angel investors.


You can always reach me at [email protected] right from the website. You can go to the website and send me an email. You can also find me on LinkedIn. I’m on Instagram Catherine Gray. Invest in Her is my podcast, which you can tune into any time. Follow us there. She Angel Investors is on all the other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and @SheAngelsInvest on Twitter. We would love to connect with you online wherever you’re swimming.

This has been an amazing conversation. Thank you much for talking about this with me.

Thank you.

It’s my pleasure.

Stay tuned for EXTRA. We’re going to be talking specifically about Six Ways to Get Funding for Your Business. It’s going to be exciting. If you are subscribed, stay tuned. If you’re not subscribed but would like to be, go to RealEstateInvestingForWomenEXTRA.com. You get the first seven days for free. You get signed up and check things out. If you decide to stay, that’d be amazing. For those of you that are leaving us now, thank you for much for joining Catherine and me in this conversation. I wish you very happy holidays. May your heart be filled with joy, love, and laughter. I will talk to you next time.


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About Catherine Gray

REW 90 | Joy Of GivingI’m Catherine Gray – a Producer, Author, TEDx Speaker, Host of www.InvestInHerPodcast.com, the Founder of www.SheAngelInvestors.com and the Co-Founder of non profit www.SheAngelsFoundation.org.

Also, I am an angel investor in several companies, a member of Wealthing VC Investment Club, and an equity crowdfunding investor too.

My focus is always on empowering female entrepreneurs. My passion is to utilize our multi media platform to fund women, to level the playing field, since women are severely underfunded- getting less that 2% of venture capital funding.

This is why I produced an e-video online course called “6 Ways to Fund Your Business” about Funding Female Founders. It can be found on our website www.SheAngelinvestors.com, along with a free download of tips on funding your business.

Also, I produce and host a popular podcast series called INVEST IN HER, to discuss ways to accelerate the funding of women, and provide resources and inspiration to our listeners. We feature both female founders and funders! It is distributed on Apple, Spotify, IHeart and wherever you listen to podcasts.

She Angels is my multi-media platform that creates everything from films and shows, to game-changing events to empower women, plus informative and compelling podcasts, and more.

In my past, I am so grateful and proud to have produced several award-winning films including the very first documentary film about gay marriage called ‘I Can’t Marry You,’ narrated by Ellen DeGeneres’s mom Betty, which aired on PBS in more than 60 cities nationwide. Also, I co-produced several documentary films for the LOGO network. That led me to start my own production company called Showbiz Shorts aka Corp Shorts, and eventually 360 Karma Productions- before launching SHE ANGEL INVESTORS.

As the top producer in the country in cable television advertising in Miami for 15 years, I left the position to become Vice President of Advertising for the first ever gay cable network and decided from that day forward, all of my ventures would be working on projects for the greater good.

My favorite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi “Happiness Is When What You Think, What You Say, and What You Do Are In Complete Harmony.” I also believe the quote of the Dalai Lama, “The Western Women will save the world”!


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Why Money Loves Speed With Dr. Joe Vitale – Real Estate For Women

REW 78 | Money Loves Speed


Ideas pass by us every day. But only the best ones grab those ideas, write it down, and put them into action. If you’re one of those that let ideas pass you by, then you need to know that money loves speed. Bestselling author and one of the world’s top motivational speakers, Dr. Joe Vitale, greatly believes this. In this episode, he joins Moneeka Sawyer to dive deep into this concept with his book of the same name, Money Loves Speed From Stress to Success: Revealing the 8 Laws of Attracting Money Fast. Dr. Joe also emphasizes the power of our mindset as a strategy to achieve our goals. You don’t have to lose hope in achieving big dreams because that big thinking is what we need for a high dose of energy and enthusiasm! Find out how to make your ideas count because the sooner you act on them, the sooner you can see the results.

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Listen to the podcast here


Why Money Loves Speed With Dr. Joe Vitale – Real Estate For Women

Real Estate Investing For Women

I am delighted to welcome back to the show Dr. Joe Vitale. He is a prolific author of many bestselling books, including The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits and the book we will be highlighting, Money Loves Speed. He’s one of the world’s top motivational speakers, a popular star of the movie, The Secret and an internationally famous expert on the law of attraction and clearing beliefs. He created the Miracles Coaching program to help people achieve their dreams. He’s once homeless. He is a model of prosperity who believes in miracles and has spent the last decades learning to master the skills of channeling the pure creative energy of life without resistance. Dr. Joe, welcome to the show. How are you?

I’m here with you, so I’m great. It’s good to see you and be with you again. I love your spirit, laugh, charm, smile and eyes. I’m great. Look where I’m at.

I don’t even know what to say to that. I’m blushing.

Just say thank you and move on.

Thank you. Dr. Joe, the book of yours that I’ve read was Money Loves Speed. I was so attracted to it because I love the title. Could you tell us a little bit about why you chose that title and a little background on that?

I’ve written several other books since that book. Sometimes the book of the month guy, they’re used to be the month club. I’m the book of the month of authors. There’ve been a lot of books but that one is a very popular one among people. I’m glad that you brought it up. Money Loves Speed is something that I’ve wanted to talk and write about for a long time.

The very title is one of the laws that I talk about in the book. I say there are eight laws of money and these are not banking laws. These are mindset laws. These are on how you use your mind and think about the world. It’s more of the psychology and maybe the metaphysics of money. Money Loves Speed is one of those principles.

I so like it that I’ve talked about it over the years. People have quoted me. They keep saying things like, “Joe says money loves speed. Remember, Dr. Joe, says money loves speed.” I thought I should explain it because not everybody understands it. The title is one of the principles. Would you like me to explain it and jump right in there?

I would love that. I’ve got plenty of places I want to go to but this is the most intriguing to me so I want to start with this.

Money Loves Speed, in short, means that when you have an idea for a product, service or something to implement in your business, you need to do it as quickly as the idea comes to you to be the first to profit from. To expand on this, what it means is most people do get ideas. They get ideas, whether they’re in the real estate business, a small business operator and an entrepreneur.

They get an idea of a way to market. Maybe that hasn’t been done before. A new product or service but what do most people do with that idea? They sit on it and dismiss it. They might say, “That’s a good idea.” If they’re smart, they’ll write it down but most people won’t act on it. They’ll think it’s a good idea. They’ll sit on it and then what happens is it falls away. It disappears.

When you get that idea, act on it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can see the results. Share on X

It was Tony Robbins who said, “How many of you ever had an idea for a product or service?” People raised their hands. He said, “How many of you six months later was driving down the road and you saw your product or service being sold?” They all were like, “That was me.” This is the principle of the universe. I believe the universe feeds us ideas. When we take the idea and run with it, the universe knows it, notices it and gives us more ideas.

The whole principle of Money Loves Speed means if you got an idea, segment, product or service marketing maneuver, do it and do it now. I have written 80 some books. I’m pausing for you to catch your breath because even I am impressed. I didn’t count the books. Somebody else said, “Joe, did you realize you’ve written 80 books?” I’m like, “No. I’m busy writing the books. I’m not counting them.” The reason I do is that when I have an idea for a product or a new book, I generally start writing it right then and there. I don’t let the self-talk get in my way and that’s the thing people want to be aware of.

When they have an idea, they talk themselves out. They say, “Not me. Not now. I don’t have the skills, experience, education and funds. I’m too old, young, fat and too thin.” As you and I both know, those are excuses that will keep them from their own good. Money Loves Speed is a chant, mantra, reminder and law. That is something I’m putting out there in the universe to remind people. “When you get that idea, act on it.” The sooner you act on it, the sooner you can see what the results are and most likely, they’re going to be great. If you don’t act on it, as Tony Robbins pointed out, somebody else will and you will miss out.

What comes to me when you talk about this is that people are always like, “I don’t know enough. I need to learn more.” The thing is that taking action is better than taking perfect action. You need to get in the game in order to even play. Certainly, you need to know enough rules to get in the game but you don’t need to know all the rules. You can learn as you go along.

What I love about the Money Loves Speeds concept is that people, so much in the real estate world, my investing ladies, they’ll be like, “I need to wait until I have money, whatever it is.” The thing is that if you don’t start, you’re going to lose the motivation of the moment. It doesn’t necessarily mean that things that could, mean that things happen fast for you but even if they don’t happen super-fast, nothing will happen unless you take those first set of actions.

I want to elaborate on a couple of bits of information. One is the action part of it. I’m in the movie The Secret, which people criticized for saying it was magical thinking. It didn’t talk about taking action. I’m the guy in the movie saying, take action. I literally say that in the movie, yet a lot of people fudge, go into self-sabotage and don’t take any action.

Why don’t they take any action? Some of it believes that magic is going to take place. I believe in magic and miracles but I also know that besides 87 books, I have fifteen music albums I’ve recorded. If I sit and think, visualize and meditate about the music albums, they don’t get recorded. I have to take action, book a studio, get my musicians and my guitar, go in the studio and do something.

REW 78 | Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed: Money loves speed. When you have an idea for a product or service to implement in your business, you need to do it as quickly as the idea comes to you to be the first to profit from and expand on this.


That’s the first level. It’s a reminder that nothing happens without action. We live in a universe that requires co-creation. You have a part to do. You may not have to do all of it but you no doubt have to do some aspect of it. When you do your part, the universe comes into play and will fulfill its part. There’s a little bit of dance of energy but if you don’t do something or don’t take action, then nothing happens. You end up complaining about things.

The other aspect of what you’ve pointed out and this is important, is people wait for everything to fall into place. They want to know how, the map and the whole strategy from here to whatever the end zone is. What I’ve discovered is that there is no map. There isn’t a map when you first start taking action. You create it by your action.

It was Steve Jobs who said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward but you can connect them looking backward.” What that means is when you’re sitting here and you want a great big real estate deal, you’re inspired to do something and starting to imagine how the end result will be, as you sit at this moment, you don’t know all the steps to get there. Once you get there, you can piece it all together, turn around and go on an interview with you and tell the story. Now, there’s a story. I remind people of Teddy Roosevelt’s quote. He said, “Do what you can with what you have right where you are.” That’s brilliance right there.

By doing that, the next step becomes apparent then repeat. You do that enough times and you’ll get to whatever the end zone is for you, your goal, outcome and intention. Then you can look back and go, “The story unfolded. I know how that piece connected to this piece,” but you don’t know at this moment. All you’ve got is a goal and a desire. You have to get up and start moving towards it.

In the real estate market, we get a lot of the, “I’m waiting for the market to correct.” They’re trying to time how things are going to go. I remembered years ago, I was on TV in San Diego. The producer came to me and said, “I love your show. I wish I had bought real estate years ago.” I said, “Years from now, you’re going to say the same thing.” It’s important as you say, “Don’t miss the bus, because the bus is driving by with or without you.”

Those are great points. What I have found with my experience with realtors is that too many of them give their power away. What I’m referring to here is much like you were talking about. They’re looking at the market and what the market is doing. They’re overlooking something that I don’t see realtors thinking about. That is the idea that the realtors influenced the market. Part of that is with their mindset.

If a realtor is thinking, “I can’t do such and such because the market is doing such and such,” they have played the role of a victim. They have given their power away to a market that they feel they have no control over and influence. I can certainly understand where they’re coming from. When I felt like a victim as I was going through these stages of consciousness, you keep giving your power away and the rest of the world pretty much agrees with you because they all feel like victims anyway.

If you go to a realtor meeting and go, “The market is bad this month or this week,” most of them are going to agree with you, which is going to confirm your victimhood status, confirm it to them and they’re not going to get much done. As you know, I went through an ugly divorce. It was more of persecution but at the end of it, I came out on top. When I had my house back, I built it up into an empire and an estate. I had it for years, so I put a lot into it. I was ready to sell it.

I got a realtor who had become a friend of ours. This realtor was gung-ho, energetic, positive, charming and said she was got to get it out there to sell it. We started with a listing price below $1 million. As there were very few nibbles for it, she started to give all the power away to the market. She’s saying, “Clearly the market doesn’t want this, not at this price.” On one level, I understand that.

On one level, realtors who are reading this understand that but I want to push a little bit here. I want to be helpful to the people that pay attention to you, your audience and everything and empower them with a different kind of thinking. If there are any group of people that need what’s called a disruption, it’s realtors because realtors are thinking in an old-school way. Almost all of them are still giving their power away, much like this realtor was.

She was saying, “We should lower the price.” I’ve never been a realtor. I pretty much am listening to her and say, “We’ll lower it a little bit.” Over time and months, she wanted to lower it even more. I started to get more frustrated, thinking she was not marketing it. I started to refer to her as a listing agent because, in my mind, that’s different than somebody who goes out and tries to sell or market something. Instead of being a marketing or selling realtor, I started to think in my mind and I told my partner, Lisa. I said that “She’s a listing agent. All she’s doing is listing. If people don’t respond to the listing, she lowers the price. She knows at some point, the lower the price, you’ll find somebody.”

I’m like, “That’s insane because if you said this million-dollar home is worth $50, somebody is going to pay $50 because you lowered the price.” Quit marketing on price. There’s one thing I did and this was me not being a realtor but me being a marketer. I wrote a sales letter about my home and sent it to my database, my mailing list and fan base.

Success is about mindset. It's all about the law of attraction and the power of intention, visualization, and positive thinking. Share on X

I made the letter all about my home. I called it the House of Prosperity. I said the House of Prosperity is where I wrote some of my greatest works. I was filmed for The Secret. During that time, I have filmed 17, 18, 19 other movies in that home. I came up with some of my greatest ideas like hypnotic writing, buying trances and the book The Attractor Factor, which is what got me into the movie The Secret. I wrote all of that in that home. I made the home the star.

Instead of going house for sale, the number of acres, acreage and square foot inch and here’s the price, I wrote something that was more like sales literature. I mail it to my list. We started getting leads for it and ultimately, sold it. My whole point is that a lot of people give in to what they think the circumstances are not realizing that they have more power. I constantly hear realtors who do fantastic, no matter what the market is because that’s not the market. It’s the realtor.

Fifty percent of the women that read this show are realtors and agents and then about 50% are investors. This applies so dramatically. Ladies, I hope you didn’t tune that out because we are investors. Sometimes we think the only way that we can compete to get a property is with price. Dr. Joe gave you a perfect example of price is not the key. There are an awful lot of factors that we have influenced over, that can get us the right properties. If you say, “I can’t go into this market. It’s a hot market.” Make 30 offers. That’s an opportunity or start to meet people who might have properties in their back pocket.

Marketing is everything. Price is a tiny little piece of that marketing package. I love the way you talked about that, Dr. Joe, with the realtors. On the investor side, I hope you caught that because I know so many people are like, “You were right out of COVID. We don’t know what the market’s going to do. I don’t know if I can even get a house.” What a 1 million excuses and 1 million good whys about why things won’t work for you. What you need to do is change that paradigm. Find the million good whys that will work for you and then go after it with your creativity.

I want to tell you another story that’s even more amazing in terms of all the lessons that are within it. This is about a young man, a 36 years old at this point, who is a billionaire realtor in Thailand. This isn’t a millionaire or multimillionaire. This is a billionaire. He’s doing it in real estate during tough times, including COVID.

I want to tell the story because this story has inspired me. I met him years ago. He invited me to speak at a seminar that he was putting on in Bangkok, Thailand. I didn’t want to go. I was like, “This is a long flight. I’ve never been to Thailand. I’m not comfortable doing that much travel.” He was paying me well, taking care of my first class and he promised to put me up on an island by myself for a week for rest and relaxation as a gift to me.

I kept thinking, “Who is this guy?” He also kept saying that he owed his success to me. I have to meet him. I flew all the way to Thailand. He meets me at the airport. There’s this young man at that point, 34 or 35 years old. He tells me this most amazing story. He puts me in the van to drive me to the hotel where we’re going to do his first event ever. He says that fifteen years ago, he was homeless. He was twenty years old, homeless in title. He’s originally from Sweden. He hated the country, darkness and cold.

When he inherited $2,000, he used it to buy a ticket to the warmest place he could think of, which was Thailand. He didn’t know anybody in Thailand. He didn’t speak to the Thai language. He goes there. He parties away the rest of the money. He’s homeless. He calls back home to a friend of his and says he needed help.

The friend says, “I’m not going to send you any money, but I’m going to send you a book.” I thought that was a big bold thing to do for his friend. He sends my contact in Thailand a book and my contact in Thailand is upset. He’s starving, homeless, hungry and needs a roof. He doesn’t have any money. He’s given a book. He says, “Maybe there’s something to the book.” The book was The Secret, which is the book that came out after the movie The Secret.

This movie was first. Then the book came afterwards. It’s all about mindset, the law of attraction, power of intention, visualization and thinking positively. Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor, all of us are in that book. He starts reading it and says, “I’m going to prove this book wrong.” I love that he said that because he’s coming as a homeless man, totally angry and skeptical. He says, “I’m going to prove this book doesn’t work.”

REW 78 | Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed: Nothing happens without action. We live in a universe that requires co-creation. You have a part to do.


He goes out to prove it doesn’t work by visualizing little things like a cup of coffee. Somebody buys him a cup of coffee. That was probably a fluke. Let me visualize it for lunch. Somebody buys him lunch. Over a few days of testing, he says, “Maybe there’s something to it. Let me try doing it on a job.” He gets a job. Then he tries doing it in an apartment. He gets an apartment.

Long story short, fifteen years later, he is the largest real estate developer in Southern Thailand. He has twenty other businesses, including a gym, gas stations, coffee shops, an attorney’s office and more. He’s running virtually all of it from his phone. He is wheeling and dealing on a level that made my jaw drop. He showed me pictures of some of the real estate properties.

He was networking with hotels like Best Western and some of the others that were building in Phuket and Bangkok. They were working with this 35-year-old kid who was homeless fifteen years ago. He used and is still using all the principles that I talk about. That’s why he said he owed his success to me, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor.

I looked at him and said, “You went down the road a lot further than most other people with what you learned.” I helped him write a book called Homeless to Billionaire, which are his wealth principles. I often tell this story because I’m thinking, especially for people who are into real estate or into investing, this man has used the very principles that some people dismiss as metaphysical or woo-woo. He has used them to build his own empire. I’m in regular contact with him. He remarried. He’s building another house. He’s still doing business in COVID.

This story sends tingles down my spine. What I get from that are two big things. The first is our mindset is everything. There are a lot of mindsets that we talk about on this show. People are always like, “Why aren’t you talking more about strategy?” Nothing is going to happen in real estate unless the real estate between your ears is handled.

Seriously, it’s so important because everything that you see is through the filters of your mindset. If the filters are, “I can’t do it,” everything you’re going to see is I can’t do it. If the filters are, “I can do anything,” it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or says. You will be able to do so much more than most people could even imagine. That’s so amazing.

The other piece is my parents came to this country newlyweds from an arranged marriage. They didn’t know each other. They knew each other for three weeks. They had $200 in their pocket. They are self-retired with multimillion dollars. They took their whole family to my dad’s 90th birthday in Tahoe for a week. They’re doing great. How do they do that? Not because people told them they couldn’t. How many ladies are listening with all of these, “I can’t. I don’t have enough money. I don’t know how to get started?” At least you have a bed you’re sleeping on, which this guy didn’t.

I also wanted to point out that mindset is a strategy because if we don’t have our mind correct, meaning that it’s aligned for the positive, it will cause us to fail. We will self-sabotage ourselves. We’ll blame everybody else, the market, economy and other realtors but it’s not about that. What’s going on is between our ears.

This is the most important thing. I mentioned my marketing background. Way back in the ’90s, I was learning marketing and coming out as a marketing consultant, marketing copywriter and this, that, and the other. What I realized when I tried to help people with their marketing and I would write ads for them and sales letters is if they didn’t believe in themselves, their product or service, they would find a way to make my ad not work.

They would change something and then rationalize why they changed it. Not realizing that if you change it, it would fail. I realized that before I could teach anybody marketing or I could do marketing for them, I had to help them with their mindset. For me, mindset is the very first strategy. I tell people, “We live in an optical illusion.” Life is an optical illusion. You get whatever it is you believe.

If you believe that there’s a lack and limitations and the marketing is bad, you will go out into the world. You’ll do your Google researching and everything. You will find evidence. You’ll pull it all over and go, “Look at the study right here. Look what the recent paper and the real estate news are saying right here.” By the same token, if you believe, it doesn’t matter what the market is. You’ll find examples like my friend, Andres Pira in Thailand. Doing well despite COVID or anything else, you will find evidence.

You will go on Google and get all kinds of documents and research to prove. “The market is going great. Everything is on the upswing. Realtors come in. This is where you got to cash in.” What’s true? Both are. The lack and limitation world and the abundant mindset world are both there. It’s a matter of which one do you choose. The one you choose is the one you’re going to see.

When I was homeless, I looked out into the world and it was the world against me. I felt alone. I’m the same guy in the same world. I don’t think that way because I changed my thinking. To back up, all of this is a mindset. This is why I wrote books like Money Loves Speed, The Awakened Millionaire, Attract Money Now, The Attractor Factor and all of these other books that are mindset-oriented. When you take care of the mindset, then the real estate sales, the money, then all the other things you were longing for will finally start coming. They’ll come easier and faster.

Mindset is a strategy. I love this thing when you said, “Is it true?” This is a question that I ask myself all the time. Is this true? Is that true? Is it true? Who is it true according to? What do I want to be true? Is it true for me? Is it really true? How do I know it’s true? This is Byron Katie’s work. I ask this all the time. Is it true?

Some realtors do fantastic no matter what the market is because it is not the market that matters but the realtor. Share on X

One of the things that you talk about in your book that made me giggle out loud was your zombie billionaire thing. I want you to explain the strategy that you gave in that. My ladies are going to love this. Part of how I relate it to this strategy or technique was with the start of the question of, “Is this true? Is this playing out in a way that I believe is true?” Do you want to talk about this? It’s so much fun.

I don’t even remember that chapter. It’s a problem of writing as many books as I do.

You talk about the whole zombie billionaire was its own thing but the piece I love that you talked about is if you go to a party and tell people about your dream and they don’t think you’re crazy, you’re not thinking big enough. That was the very big first piece about that. Another chapter was the Twilight zone mind control. “I need to be crazy, which I love because I am. Is it the fact that I’m crazy true? If life isn’t playing out the way I think it should, how can I change that?” That’s where we go into the Twilight zone mind control.

The Money Loves Speed has so many different chapters in it that I love. I put them in there because I so love them but at this point, I’ve forgotten a lot of them. Thank you for reminding me of the zombie millionaires one. I had seen a documentary about billionaires. One of the questions that came up there is, “How a billionaire thinks?” One of the billionaires said that, “If you go to a party and you tell people what your big dream is like you’re a realtor and you want to do something gigantic, if they don’t laugh, you haven’t thought big enough.” They should look at you like, “That’s impossible.”

It should be an uncomfortable laugh.

It should be one of those where they don’t believe it. Then you know you’re on to something. It’s a little bit like Richard Branson. If he goes to a party, he might’ve said years ago, “I’m going to go into space. I’m going to go on my rocket ship.” Elon Musk says, “I’m going to shoot one of my cars to Mars.” Most of us are like, “What in the world are you drinking?”

That big thinking is where we want to go because it activates our energy and enthusiasm that juices within us to think big and do big. That excites me. I’m already getting even more excited thinking about those ideas of what’s possible. Part of me is like, “Anything is possible. There aren’t any limits.” All the limits are mental constructs, which leads to what you were talking about is questioning.

I’m going to use an example that comes to mind. We look at the moon every night. I don’t see any real estate up there. I’m thinking, “Why not? Why isn’t there a building, hotel and Starbucks up there?” Why isn’t there a realtor that is saying, “I am selling acreage on the moon.” We have to do some adapting to make sure that our vegetables don’t float off into space or whatever happens to be adjusted. That’s the big thinking that we should be entertaining because first of all, I think it’s true. Why isn’t there any real estate on the moon? Why isn’t there a billboard up there that says, “Shop Amazon daily. Go to Joe Vitale’s website,” something along those lines.

The next part because part of us is going to doubt ourselves or the possibilities, we want to ask those questions you’re talking about. “Is it true? Is it impossible to sell acreage on the moon?” I don’t think it’s impossible. It might be a challenge. I don’t know that anybody’s trying it. Hopefully somebody is. Examples like that where we can go and ask ourselves, “Is it true that we can’t do that?”

That leads us to questioning our own beliefs, which is important. We believe in a belief-driven universe. We don’t like what we’re getting. It’s because of some beliefs about what we’re getting. We want to question those beliefs, so one of the great ones is, “Is it true? Where’s the evidence that it’s true? How do we know that it’s true?”

Let’s question it like a good detective and dismantle it in the Twilight zone thing. I’m a big fan of Twilight Zone. In fact, Rod Serling, who wrote almost all the episodes and introduced them, I got to meet him when I was a kid. I was shy and insecure in high school but he was cool. I realized he was a short, chain-smoking and insecure little man.

I realized, “If he can do what he’s doing, I can do it too. I can be an author too.” There was one Twilight Zone episode that I never forgot. They were all unique and psychological but there was one where this man was working in an office and he’s giving orders. He’s about to go on a trip, this, that and the other. All of a sudden you hear this great, big booming voice that yells, “Cut.” Then there’s dead silence.

REW 78 | Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed: Don’t fall into the illusion of social media. It is tap dancing around our brains, making us feel like everybody else is partying. Everybody else is thriving and happy. We don’t see the entire scope of things we don’t see.


His walls start to be pulled apart by people who are working around it. He realizes he’s on a movie set. He didn’t know he was on a movie set. He was playing the role of a businessman in an office going about his daily duties but after somebody yelled cut, he stopped. The set starts to be dismantled. He has this abrupt mind-disorienting moment where he realizes none of it was real.

I use that technique as a self-help technique. When we get caught up in our negativity, we started hearing all of the excuses in ourselves. “I can’t go to the moon. I don’t know anybody going to the moon.” There are people going to the moon. You can meet them if you reached out and tried. We start going into, “I don’t have the education and experience.” “Stop. Cut.”

I paused to let the silence reinvigorate a little bit. We do that in our brains. When we do that in our minds, we seize control again. We realized, “Wait a minute. Cut. Let’s reverse and reengineer our thinking.” Let’s take two. It’s all we want to do. That scene got screwed up. Somebody didn’t read the script right. Cut, redo, start the scene again and let’s be positive.

Dr. Joe, you’ve been on movies and television. I’ve been on a lot of TV shows. Here’s one thing I know, you can do a cut and a retake as many times as you like. Take 1, take 2, take 4. Keep doing it until you get it right. It’s okay and it can be fun because you learn so much along the way.

In fact, this is worth looking at for a moment. A lot of people stopped going for their dreams and start putting themselves down because they get sucked into the illusion of social media. They see photos of realtors who are saying, “I sold this property. I made this much money.” They forget that whoever’s posting that is cherry-picking their photos, moments and successes.

They don’t dare tell you where they screwed up, where the deal fell through or where they struggled for quite a while because they want the illusion of success to be out there. If you buy into that, you can be self-reflective and self-destructive because you’ll think, “I’m not good enough. I’m not a success like that.” They aren’t either.

They are doing what you talked about. They’re taking take 1, take 2, take 3. “Take three was the one we’re going to use. Let’s use that and get rid of the other two because we don’t want that out there.” They do the same thing with photos and their results. Don’t fall into the illusion of social media. It is tap dancing around our brains, making us feel like everybody else is partying, successful and happy. We’re not. We don’t see the entire scope of things.

I’ll give a personal example here. I mentioned that I went through a two-year divorce, which ended up being a persecution of my life in business. Most days during those two years were not happy. They were not pleasant. They were agonizing. My father and my best friend died during that period. COVID came during that period. Family members attempted suicide during that period. Most of this is not happy.

However, every day I posted 1 or 2 videos on Instagram and Facebook that were positive messages. You never once saw a glimpse that I was going through hell. I was doing that in part to make sure I was doing my mission and helping other people but if people looked at that and thought, “Joe’s happy all the time. Look at him. He’s always a success. He’s got another book deal and a movie,” you overlook the reality of life itself. We all have bumps in the road, challenges and disappointments. When you go through it, you realize you’re not alone. Other people are promoting, like me, the good stuff. We’re putting that face out there.

It’s not just that you’re promoting it. You’re focusing on it. Every time you do one of those videos, you’ll need to focus on what you’re talking about, which is a mind shift for you. You’re in that space where you get to talk about that authentically. It’s going to change who you are in that moment and on that day.

That’s a great reminder because I’m doing it in part for me too. I’m saying that I’m sending out a message because I have quite a few followers and I want them to stay up during trying times because they’re all going through something of their own. When I do it, I’m also going up a little. It’s making me feel better. I get a reward from doing it. It’s not just them. It’s also me. It’s a win-win.

Before we finish, I would like to talk a little bit about the website about the book because this book is amazing. Ladies, this is so much fun. If you get the audio, which you should, you’ll even get to hear some of his songs. It’s such a fun book. I love this and I love the way you read it, Joe. I love that it’s your voice. That’s great. Tell everybody how they can get the book.

I’ve got a website and a $2 offer. You can have the eBook version and the audio version read by me for $2. Just go to MoneyLovesSpeedBook.com. For some reason you want the actual physical book, you have to go to Amazon. I don’t know what it costs, $20, something like that. You’re going to have the printed copy that way but if you want a $2 investment to have a little skin in the game, you’re going to have the eBook and the audio version but go to MoneyLovesSpeedBook.com.

Every time I talk to you, I feel lifted up. You have this amazing energy. I want to thank you so much for spending this time with me.

Anything is possible. There aren't any limits. The limits are mental constructs, which leads to questioning. Share on X

Thank you. I am honored. I love seeing you. I love being in your energy. You’re doing great work for great people so thank you.

Thank you. Ladies, thank you for joining Joe and me for this show. You know how much I appreciate you. I look forward seeing you next time and until then. Remember, goals without action are just dreams. Get out there, take action and create the life your heart deeply desires. I’ll see you soon.


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I am so excited to welcome Cary Jack to the show. He is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host, Professional Actor, Model, Biohacker, Eco Warrior, and Martial Artist. He’s a humanitarian striving to make a positive impact on the planet. After experiencing entrepreneurial burnout, he then founded The Happy Hustle. His mission is to educate, inspire and entertain while reminding you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination, as you happy hustle for a life of passion and purpose.

You guys can see why I have him on the show. For successful entrepreneurs to spiritual masters, he interviews an array of powerful guests, including myself, The Happy Hustle Podcast, to help you transform your dreams into a reality. His book The Happy Hustle is coming out in 2021, and he couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity to share his message of Happy Hustlin’, a way to balance your life and your love. Cary, how are you?

I’m fantastic, Moneeka. It’s always a pleasure to connect with you and I’m honored to be here.

Thank you for coming. Ladies, I had to share Cary with you for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was on his show. He’s an amazing host. Go check that out at Happy Hustle Podcast, and then also he runs a mastermind that I’m a part of. As podcasters, we share a lot of ideas and he always shows up super consistently as the happy hustle guy. One of the things that you know I put a lot of emphasis on in life is about living bliss consistently.

You want to develop those bliss muscles and habits so that no matter where you go emotionally in your life, you’re always able to come back to this baseline of bliss. Consistency is the key. The people that I have on my show talking about bliss, it makes a difference if they themselves are showing up for their lives and for the people around them consistently and Cary is one of those people. I’m excited to share him with you and for this conversation. Cary, thank you again.

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Thank you for having me. When I think of bliss, I think of you. I just tried to keep up.

Give us a little bit about your background and start with what brought you to where you are.

It started with growing up half in Sarasota, Florida, and then half in Red Lodge, Montana. I was basically surf and skate half the year, then camping, fishing, hunting and hiking. The other half was playing cowboy, and I reside in Big Sky Country, Montana. I’ve always been an entrepreneur since an early age and just valuing the dollar and having to earn every penny for myself.

My dad and mom are both entrepreneurs and they always instilled in us that you had to basically go out and hunt for it if you want to eat, and so I have that blue-collar work mentality and I think that’s served me. I did experience entrepreneurial burnout along the journey and that’s what led me to Happy Hustlin’.

I was a fancy tech entrepreneur with my big data tech startup in New York City, wearing the fancy suit and tie. My brother and business partner and I were soliciting this seven-figure VC funding deal, and we ink partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and all of the things. We work 100-plus hours a week, and I just burnt out. At that point, I sacrificed everything to get that deal and those partnerships. My faith, family, fitness and fun all went to the gutter.

It wasn’t until I achieved the profit and success that I realized this isn’t worth it. I flew to Bangkok, Thailand, lived there for ten months. I figured out a better way to work and live and that’s where The Happy Hustle was born. Now I’m focused on being a lifestyle entrepreneur, investing my hard-earned fruits of my labor wisely into different assets, businesses and people. What I found is that you can achieve blissful balance if you just measure yourself in each of these ten alignments. I just scratched my own itch first, which was going from burnout to bliss and now I’m helping others do the same.

I love that you are so comfortable using the word bliss. People usually come on this show, and they’re like, “What is that?” I’m delighted that you’re so comfortable with that, and I see you living that lifestyle. Talk to us a little bit about these ten alignments that create that blissful balance for you and for everybody.

S – Selfless Service

This applies to everybody. It’s an acronym. I’ve found that it’s difficult to remember ten alignments in my tribe. I made it an acronym. It’s SOUL MAPPIN. S stands for Selfless Service because, as Tony Robbins says, “The secret to living is giving.” I think it’s very important to focus on giving back to others. Giving your time, money and expertise.

As I go through these, I urge your audience to measure 1 to 5 where you rank at each of these ten alignments. This is a practice that my tribe I do every Sunday. It’s very important that what you measure you can manage. You have to know where you may be out of balance. If you’re feeling stressed, unfulfilled or burnout, in any capacity, you may be lacking in one of these ten alignments and it’s important to recognize it first. Awareness is the first step. As I go through these, feel free to interject anytime as well, but basically, measure five would be an A. You’re crushing it. You’re happy hustling.

REW 75 | Blissful Life

Blissful Life: You have to have love in your life. What’s all the accumulation of wealth for if you don’t have people to share it with?


One is an F. You’re failing. Selfless service, that’s the first step. How often are you volunteering? How often are you giving back? How often are you not just thinking for yourself? If every day, that’s a five. You’re crushing it. If it’s a one and you’re never helping others, you need to prioritize change maybe because that’s a big component to happiness and fulfillment.

O – Optimized Health

The next one is O, Optimize health. Health is wealth. You have to have your health if you’re going to be happy hustling in any capacity, if you’re going to live a blissful life. For me, I think a lot of people complicate it. I used to run a high-end biohacking company. We worked with pro-athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs. I learned a lot from what the top 1% of high performers are doing and I think a lot of people complicate it.

U – Unplug Digitally

For me, it’s moving the body minimum of 25 minutes every single day. Drinking a gallon of water and just eating healthy, all-natural organic foods, no processed crap. Measure right now where you’re at 1 to 5 in each of the ten alignments and specifically for O. U is Unplug digitally. A lot of people are plugged in so much to their devices now, on their smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, and we’re so disconnected from our present moment, mother nature and even the people right beside us.

It’s very important to disconnect to reconnect. I’ll put it in a little sprinkle of tips throughout each of these, but even just 60 minutes of undivided no device time in the mornings when you wake up can go so far. I even doubled down in the evening time 60 minutes before bed, no devices. Those two simple happy hustle hacks can make a big difference and that’s you. Measure where you’re at. If you’re always plugged in and you’re never disconnected, that’s a one. You need to prioritize change.

I do want to highlight this a little bit because this is something that we don’t realize when. When I hold my choose bliss retreat, which is called the Bliss Retreat, this is one of the very first things we talk about. Your mind is most vulnerable and highest capacity just when you wake up and just before going to sleep.

Those are not times you want to be looking at social media, which can be highly negative or overly positive making you feel bad about your life. You don’t want to be looking at the news. You don’t want to be susceptible to the subconscious messages of advertising. You don’t want any of those things and now our phones are not just a phone. They’re all of those things.

It’s important not even to check texts because when you check a text, you’re now plugging into somebody else’s agenda. You want to make sure that you start the day and end the day focused on your own agenda, life, bliss and gratitude. That’s the first thing. I just love this because people don’t talk about this as much. The other thing about that is before you go to sleep, if you have screen time, your eyes have a physical reaction to the screen.

The toxic blue light.

It takes time to decompress from that for your eyes to settle in to be able to go into REM sleep. It’s not just the mental activity of looking at that screen. It’s a physical reaction that our bodies have. In the morning, it’s hugely important to start your day off. Do not start with other people’s agenda, advertising bad news, and at night you don’t want to have all of those things you’re going to dream about at night. You don’t want to be dreaming about other people’s agendas, bad news and advertising. You also want to make sure that your body has the time to decompress and relax so that you sleep blissfully. I love that the hour on either side gives you just the space to prioritize yourself for long enough to set yourself up for bliss.

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I’ll take it a step further. What our devices I meant is a toxic frequency. It’s EMS, electromagnetic frequency. It’s basically radiation. Whether you’re on your Bluetooth headset or you got your smartphone in your pocket zapping you with EMS, these have shown to break down ourselves on a DNA level.

If you’re wondering why your mitochondria are not functioning properly, also known as your energy powerhouse cells, you need to check your screen time. You need to check your device usage. This is a huge factor and a lot of people are missing it, and especially now with the rollout of 5G. I don’t want to go down the woo-woo train here of like, “Tinfoil hat guy.”

It’s a factor. You have to use technology wisely and if you are going to use your devices past dark, put on some blue blockers. Those help your eyes. That affects your retina and your cornea, and it does take time to compensate for that toxic blue light. It’s an important factor both physically, mentally and emotionally. Watching social media and the news, that stuff is oftentimes other people’s agendas and priorities, not yours. Those are important steps there.

L is Love and relationships. This is an essential part and just living the happy hustle, blissful life. You have to have love in your life. What’s it all for? What’s all the investing, money and the accumulation of wealth for if you don’t have people to share it with? I’ve found that a lot of my fellow entrepreneurs sacrifice specifically their loved ones to get to the cliché top of the mountain, and then they look around, “The view’s bad,” and they’re isolated. No one’s there.

The view is gorgeous, but there’s nobody there with them.

Hopefully, the view is gorgeous, but oftentimes I see people don’t even like the view. They’re like, “I should be on that mountain. That mountain looks a lot better.”

It’s cloudy and cold.

That’s the truth. For me, I have a fiancée. We’re getting married soon. We have date night every week. We have a Sunday beer talk. We have a love calendar where we measure where we rank in our relationship. Every single day I ask her. This could be something that you implement with your lover. It’s the simple whiteboard calendar. It sits in our room. I ask her every night, “What’s your love day?” She’s like, “It was an eight.”

We had lots of passion, love and maybe even intercourse. Measures up, and then she asked me, “Mine was a six. This was why.” We average that out a seven. I’ll put it on the calendar for that day. I put a heart around it, and then we move on to the next day. At the end of the month, you can see where you rank because oftentimes, we as humans have this negativity bias and we focus on the negative, that nitpicking and nagging. She didn’t do the dishes or I didn’t do the laundry.

L – Loving Relationships

This is a way to calculate and you want to be 90% love days. Hopefully, that’s the goal of 10%. There are going to be some mess-ups, but if you start dropping down below 80% love days, then you might need to reassess and reevaluate. Is this a healthy relationship for you? That’s just one happy hustle hack for you, but loving relationships both with your family and friends is a really important piece. I would say measure 1 to 5 where you rank, and that’s L. Now we got the Soul part of SOUL MAPPIN.

M – Mindful Spirituality

M is for mindful spirituality. I know you’re big into meditation and breathwork and just being spiritual in whatever capacity. I don’t necessarily care if you believe in one God or another. I just think you have to have faith in a higher power. Get still ten minutes minimum a day, focusing on my breath and gratitude and doing my gratitude practice. I’m doing my I am incantations on my rebounder, just training my subconscious. That is the central part of mindful spirituality.

Meditation oftentimes gets complicated, but all you have to do is focus on your breath in a quiet place. Just enjoy the given moment, feel, use your different senses, but measure where you rank right now, 1 to 5 in each of these ten alignments and, specifically, mindful spirituality. You see the highest performers at every level. From the real estate game to the business game to any high performer in the sports field, they are using mindful spirituality. If you’re not, maybe this is a wake-up call. That’s M.

I ask the three rapid-fire questions at the end for every single guest that’s been on here. We’ve had 250 guests on the show, and I will say the two biggest things that people say are some forms of meditation or exercise. It’s so interesting because you don’t think those aren’t business-related things. I get up and I block time and every week, I do this. It’s none of that. It’s taking care of the human element first of you so that you can then go out there and be your very best self in the world. Meditation is huge and there are a million different kinds of meditation and you can complicate it. You can do what Cary just said, but choose something.

Especially as entrepreneurs, we have a monkey mind. Get settling into that. At least at first, it feels like a challenge. You can push through and just keep doing it until you’ve trained your mind to do it, or you can pick something else that will keep you going until you can get there, for instance, a walking meditation. I do a dancing meditation because I’m a dancer. There are different ways that we can engage in meditation, but find something that helps you to heal and nourish your mind.

It’s a great way to just get out of our heads and into our hearts. We spend a lot of time at the monkey brain, just overthinking and overanalyzing and just that anxiety and stress. It’s a great way to just take a step back, and it’s clinically proven that six deep breaths change your state. Just six deep breaths can do wonders.

In EXTRA, we are going to talk about his box breath. Stay tuned for that because that’s a really good fast technique to get you back into your body creativity, to relax the mind and the body so that you perform better. We are going to cover that in EXTRA. I’m excited.

A – Abundance Financially

We’re moving on to A. A is Abundance financially. If you want to invest in real estate, if you want to invest in yourself and if you want to invest in a business, you have to have money. I look at money as a tool. It’s energy and you essentially need money to use this energy. One thing that was the difference-maker in my financial wellbeing was financial literacy. Knowing how to invest, save and spend wisely.

It wasn’t until I took financial literacy seriously, then everything started to transpire positively for me in terms of money. There are sometimes some negative connotations around money. It’s okay if you want money if you want to be rich and if you want a big life, go for it, but you have to change your money story first and foremost, and you have to educate yourself. In the real estate market, you have to be educated in order to make quality buying and selling decisions.

The same goes with investing in stocks or bonds, with investing in crypto, investing in yourself, and in business and partnerships. It’s very important to have abundance financially so we can live the happy hustle, blissful lifestyle and take care of those who we care about. Let’s face it. We’re all out here working for freedom.

Freedom both financially, creativity and time are three forms of freedom. Money can oftentimes truly help you provide that, but not at the expense of your time. A lot of people trade their time for money. I really very much focus on getting paid for value delivered, not time spent. I think that’s an important correlation or an important distinction to make, but money is a tool and it’s very important. One thing I’ll just say, “Get good at sales.” Sales are the lifeblood of any business. I love selling. It maybe the hunter in me, but sales is just extremely important.

I do the majority of my sales on Zoom, which is hilarious. I learned a lot selling over $1 million, working very little, to be honest with you, over Zoom calls. It’s all emotional intelligence and how to read body language. I don’t say that to brag or anything. I have experience in this niche of selling over digital Zoom calls and very awesome/important techniques to utilize. I think whether you’re selling on the phone or you’re selling one-to-one in person or you’re selling over video calls, you have to learn sales in order to achieve abundance financially. Measure where you’re at right now in terms of abundance financially. Five is you’re crushing it. One is living paycheck to paycheck.

REW 75 | Blissful Life

Blissful Life: The difference-maker in your financial well-being is financial literacy—knowing how to invest, knowing how to have, and knowing how to spend wisely.


You ran a business where you gave it everything. You were doing the 100-hour week, you were doing all of that stuff and now you have a very successful business, much more passive. I want people to think about this. This is a very important point. If you’re trading time for hours, your capacity to earn is very limited to your capacity to work.

If you go on vacation, all the money stops. What you want is passive income, and this is why real estate is so amazing. You want your money out there doing this little thing. You want it doing its hustle and you’re on vacation. Make your money hustle for you. You don’t hustle. That’s the thing and it’s amazing with real estate. You can do it in a lot of different vehicles.

The very rich invest in stock portfolios, real estate and businesses, those are the top three. You’re welcome to do all of those and I do all of those, but for me, it’s a very passive experience. The most time that I spend on my business is in the podcast business or my coaching business, and that restricts me from taking my vacations, but my real estate business does not.

Now I’m trying to move towards making this business a little bit more passive and conducive to my lifestyle. It’s a really important point, ladies, and notice, I mentioned my own transition. We are all at some place in that spectrum of fully passive to trading time for money. Sometimes we have to trade time for money in order to get the money to create the passive income. That’s okay, but have that as your goal because there’s a journey that we go through to get to that place, to where your money is working for you and you’re now off on vacation.

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It’s so true. I’m still on my journey. I’m still figuring it out. I know you are as well. There’s a delicate dance between trading your time for money and having passive residual income. One strategy that I’ll just throw out to your audience that I’ve seen effective in my life is affiliate relationships. Affiliate relationships leverage your time most effectively because you can promote a product or service that you believe in, but not have to focus on delivering.

I have some very lucrative affiliate relationships in my business. They pay me nice $5,000, $10,000 every month and it’s beautiful. There are some that require a little more time, maybe a little more content creation, connection and touchpoints, but it’s important to think about how you can leverage your time most effectively, so you can spend it more doing what you love.

P – Personal Development

The first P, that is Personal development. If you’re not growing and evolving, you’re shrinking and dissolving. You have to focus on growing every single day in some way, and we can learn from anyone. We can learn from the garbage man on the street to the high-rise female boss entrepreneur in the office. There’s a lesson in each interaction. What I like to focus on is 90 minutes of personal growth every single day.

I’ll do 30 minutes of reading something inspirational and educational in the morning, 30 minutes of listening to something inspirational and educational in the afternoon and then 30 minutes of watching something inspirational and educational. I find I draw a lot of inspiration from these different forms of content and people learn in different ways. That’s why I recommend three different mediums.

If that sounds a little like a lot to start, start with fifteen minutes in the morning, fifteen in the afternoon and fifteen in the evening, but just start focusing on your personal development and make things relatable to where you’re at right now. In your business, life and investing portfolio, make those things relatable of what you’re learning.

P – Passionate Hobbies

If you’re not doing these things, measure where you rank or where you are. That way, we can course correct. At the end of this interview, you should know where you’re ranking in each of these, and it’s just important to measure. That’s the first P, Personal development. Next P is Passionate hobbies. This is one that I think a lot of people miss big time. They’re working their tail off, they’re grinding and they’re hustling, but they’re not happy hustling.

This is where you fill your cup with passionate hobbies or doing things you love. Fun things regularly that you might even have to pay for. Maybe you’re big into art or dancing. For me, I love fly fishing. I love martial arts. I go camping, hiking and horseback riding. It’s important to fill your cup so you can give from your overflow. Here is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle. If you want to achieve blissful balance, if you want to create your dream reality, you must prioritize each separate calendar engagement with the same priority.

Your passionate hobbies, like maybe Moneeka loves to go belly dancing, that get the same priorities as this interview with me. It’s the same priority with the date night with her husband, gets the same priority as her workout and that’s how you create the blissful balance in your life, both personally and professionally. If you’re lacking in passionate hobbies, I highly recommend scheduling two fun things right now on your calendar and holding yourself to them as if they are just as important as your meeting with your next potential big partnership or whatnot. That’s the second P.

I want to add something to that. I do all of those things. I have a date night every single week with my husband. That’s one of the big things and that counts as one of the fun things that I love to do. Here’s an interesting thing that I just want to point out that you may not be thinking about as you’re out there building your life. First of all, I don’t know, all work, no play makes Jack a very boring boy. That’s one of those things that people would tell us as younger people, and it’s not emphasized anymore.

Just being single-dimensional, intellectual, workaholic and mom or dad to the kids makes you feel bored in your own heart and makes you boring to others. Being boring to others is its own thing. It’s subjective. What happens is through life, if you have not developed your passions, if you are not paying attention to the things that make you happy, what are you going to do when you have all that money and you retire? You’re probably going to fall into a huge depression. I know so many people fully identify as a software engineer as their job. That’s who they are. I think my husband is one of these people. We’re dealing with this now.

My husband has well-developed hobbies, but they’re not enough of a passion that they would engage him if he had 24 hours to himself, and he was no longer working his 50-hour week. For me, I’m in transition to retirement. What does that mean and who am I going to get to be in that? That person has been developed my whole life.

I’ve been a dancer since I was five. I sing. I like walks. We do fine dining. We love to travel. I read books. There are a lot of things in my life that engage my passion. When I retire, I’m excited because there are about 10,000 things I could do with every single day, but if you only work, you suddenly lose your identity and instead of being full of joy, you’re now really depressed because you don’t know who you are. You don’t know how to fill your time, all of those things.

For some of you, ladies, I know there are like 21-year-olds reading this. They’re like, “What in the world?” Just understand that who you are growing to be is who you are going to amplify and become more as you get older, and that’s what’s going to be amplified when you’re wealthy. Do you want to give back to people? Do you want to be a passionate, joyful person or are you going to be grumpy and a hoarder?

What are you going to do? What’s going to make your life blissful when you’re not so focused on the day-to-day? That helps to raise your bliss factor also. To feel that passion every day in some way or have something really joyful to look forward to every week or every day. We just love this. We are complete people. We’re not just mom, wife and employees. Explore. We are these multidimensional beings and we don’t allow ourselves to focus on all the amazingness inside of us and what we can do with our lives and our time.

I resonate with all of it and I think it’s sustainable, happy hustling. It’s sustainable investing and the accumulation of knowledge, resources and wealth. Sacrifice everything and you get everything that you thought you wanted and you realize that’s not what brings joy and fulfillment. You will become depressed and have to start over and re-find yourself.

I – Impactful Work

You are better off to do it from the beginning a little bit at a time. That’s the second P in SOUL MAPPIN, and now we’re on to I, which is Impactful work. We spend the majority of our lives either working or thinking of work. In The Happy Hustle, we focus on the three pillars. It’s a little cliché, but passion, purpose and positive impact, and passion for me is inward-facing. It’s my calling. It’s what problem I truly feel called to solve.

Then purpose is outward serving. It’s who exactly do I feel called to solve that problem for? It’s very important that it makes a positive impact. Your passion and purpose don’t exploit the earth’s resources negatively or hurts others. It’s very important that it makes a positive impact. I would ask yourself, is your work right now giving you passion, purpose and making a positive impact? If not, it’s time to make a change because life is short. We got to live this to the fullest. I just think there are a lot of people sacrificing out there and I hope that’s not you, but if it is, make a change and infuse that passion, purpose and the positive impact. That’s I.

N – Nature Connection

Nature connection. We’re living like zoo animals. We’re inside our offices getting recycled air, toxic blue light and EMS. We go commute in our cage on wheels with recycled air and manufactured light, and then we go home and then we have the more of the same. I think it’s so important that we get back to being human beings and being outside, connecting with Pachamama, this beautiful planet, and then protecting it in the process.

Climate change is real and I have a company with my brother called Ecopreneur Evolution. That’s fighting the plastic pollution epidemic. That’s creating positive solutions to climate change. We invest in social entrepreneurs essentially in third world developing countries. It’s very important to me to solve this problem, not just for my generation but for future generations or at least be a part of the solution. It’s a big problem to solve. I do believe that just getting outside, walking even just ten minutes a day barefoot in some nice grass or swimming in a natural body of water or just sitting in a park can do wonders for your soul. That is the SOUL MAPPIN framework. Measure 1 to 5.

G is for go. Go happy, hustle your dream reality. I’ll make it easy for everyone. If you just want to measure yourself in each of these ten alignments, I have a simple quiz. It’s completely free. It takes maybe 60 seconds. You just go through CaryJack.com/quiz, and you’ll just measure 1 to 5 in each of these where you need to prioritize change. That’s the ten alignments of being a happy hustler.

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Thank you so much, Cary. It’s so concise and has such good tips. That was amazing.

Thank you for allowing me just to rattle them off.

We are going to have Cary give us some stuff in EXTRA. We’re going to talk in a little bit more detail about some of his happy hustle hustling hacks. We are going to do that. In particular, I wanted him to share the box breathing breath. We’ve heard that in EXTRA ones before, but he’s got a little bit of a different take. This is the thing about breathing. There are so many different ways to do it and some resonate with us and some don’t.

He’s got another technique. We do this at his mastermind every couple of weeks. I’m going to have him share that with you, and then he’s got some other stuff he wanted to share with you too. We are going to be talking about that in EXTRA, so stay tuned for that. Cary, could you tell everybody how they can get in touch with you?

Pretty simple. Just CaryJack.com is the place where everything lives. The Happy Hustle Podcast, if you went on to listen to Moneeka on there. That’s a great episode. She rocked the mic and crushed it. We have something special set up for your audience. I don’t know if you want to talk about that.

Tell us about that right now.

That is The Journey: 10 Days to Become a Happy Hustler. This is probably one of the best digital course products I’ve ever put out in my life. It’s essentially walking you through those ten alignments that we just went through, how to create blissful, balanced and healthy habits in each of those ten alignments. You just go to TheHappyHustle.com and then we have code Bliss set up, where you save 20% off.

Basically, you could just start happy hustling and it’s super simple. If you can allocate an hour a day to just going through the content and implementing, you are going to become a happy hustler. That’s something we got set up specifically for your lovely ladies out there, but specifically your tribe. Click on the Yes, I Want In page and then it’ll take you to the checkout page. You just basically plugin code Bliss and there you go. You get your discount.

REW 75 | Blissful Life

Blissful Life: It’s important to think about how you can leverage your time most effectively so you can spend it more doing what you love.


Cary, are you ready for our three rapid-fire questions?

I am born ready.

Tell us one super tip on getting started investing in real estate?

Financial literacy. Read, first and foremost. I love this book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. Great read. That book will educate you in so many different ways.

What is one strategy for being successful as a real estate investor?

I would say sales because whether you’re buying, selling or investing, there’s some form of a deal and there’s some form of selling. Either you’re selling yourself as a buyer or you’re selling yourself in your property. Get good at the psychology behind what makes humans buy.

What would you say is one daily practice? I know you’ve got a ton of these, but one daily practice that contributes to your personal success.

Ice baths. I get cold every day.

That sounds horrible.

They are. They’re never fun. I never look forward to it, but ice baths do wonders for the body, getting in a tub of water that’s somewhere between 38 and 52 degrees. It decreases the inflammation in the body, from which a lot of disease stems from. It increases blood flow circulation. It basically is just a supercharger for your immune system, and it builds mental fortitude because doing hard things regularly will build discipline and mental fortitude itself.

Who you are growing to be today is who you are going to amplify and become more and more of as you get older. Share on X

I learned this from a biohacking friend of mine. We’re at the end of a shower. The last 30 seconds, I do cold water. Is that good?

There you go. Yes. You get in cold.

I don’t think I could do the ice bath, but I can do the cold water for 30 seconds. Cary, this has been an amazing first part of our show. Thank you so much for all you’ve offered.

Thank you for having me. This has been my honor.

Ladies, thank you for joining Cary and me for this portion of the show. We’ve got EXTRA coming up for some deep dives, a new breathing technique, some other information on how to live a happy hustle life, so stay tuned for that. If you are not subscribed but would like to be, go to RealEstateInvestingForWomenExtra.com. You get this out for seven days for free. Check it out.

For those of you that are leaving Cary and me, thank you so much for joining us for this portion of the show. I so appreciate you and I look forward to seeing you next time, and until then, remember, goals without action are just dreams. Get out there, take action and create the life your heart deeply desires. Take care. See you soon.


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About Cary Jack

REW 75 | Blissful LifeI grew up splitting time on the beaches of Sarasota, Florida and in the mountains of Red Lodge, Montana. The son of two entrepreneurial parents, I knew from an early age that I would forge my own path. So I set out to do so, while living a life of passion and purpose. I am so grateful for the adversity for it has made me stronger as it wasn’t always peaches and cream…

Coming from a divorced home, filled with hostility, I fostered problems of my own at an early age. I had an extreme stutter, OCD, and anger problems. I turned to self-abuse and used to bang my head into walls (which probably explains a lot lol). I went to years of counseling and got kicked out of multiple schools. I moved homes 24 times as a kid due to my mother’s sickness and was far from stable.

I got involved in plenty of mischief while growing up, most of which I’ll leave off this site, but I learned many lessons the hard way. I ultimately failed forward and decided to trade my life of hustlin’ for a life of happy hustlin’ where I vowed to use my powers for good.


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The Role Sabotage Plays In Our Money Relationship With Jennifer Love – Real Estate Women

REW 56 | Money Relationship


There is so much more to our relationship with wealth than the things it can afford us. It also goes deeper into our mental and emotional state and wellbeing. While working hard to earn, we can’t help but sabotage ourselves by being sucked into overwhelm and anxiety. It is time to develop a healthier relationship with money as Moneeka Sawyer sits down with Money Therapist, Wealth Philosopher, and CEO of the Living Wealthy InstituteJennifer Love. In this episode, they discuss the different money personalities that can help inform us about how we are with money, the nature of money, and how we can learn to start living wealthy by making financial decisions that are in alignment with who we are. Join them as they take us further down into developing a healthy relationship with wealth and do what we can with it in the world.

Listen to the podcast here


The Role Sabotage Plays In Our Money Relationship With Jennifer Love – Real Estate Women

Real Estate Investing For Women

I am so excited to welcome to the show Jennifer Love. She’s a Money Therapist, Wealth Philosopher, an ally of nature, advocate for emotions, top 5% internationally-acclaimed business advisor and dark chocolate enthusiast. She’s an award-winning five times career entrepreneurial with many years under her comfy Keds. She retired her high heels years ago. She is a thought leader with a heart that matches her name. Her degrees, Training and Research in Human and Organizational Behavior Psychology are the foundation of her clinical work.

She’s the visionary CEO of the Living Wealthy Institute helping rural leaders develop a healthy relationship with wealth free from overwhelm and anxiety by following a regenerative money equation for a holistic and nourishing experience. Leaders who know how to raise, manage, grow and contribute money can live soulful wealthy lives to become allies for future generations to come. She believes anything is possible while remaining grounded in science, real business practices and hard financial analytics. A former client once said about Jennifer, “With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success.” Jennifer, welcome to the show.


Why don’t you jump in and give us a bit of your story?

It doesn't matter how much money we have. It's not about the money. It's about what's going on inside of us. Share on X

I’ll take us back to the three-year old me. The three-year-old me was standing in a dark hallway in my parents’ home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My brother is taking a nap in the other room. I’m hearing my parents fighting. I can hear my father punching holes in the walls. Before I knew it, my father is walking down the hallway past me and out the door. I turned and look at my mom. She’s sitting on the bed and she’s crying. I go to her. I crawl up on the bed. I see the cut up credit cards sitting next to her. She looks to me. She’s crying and she says, “We don’t have any money. Your dad’s leaving and he’s not coming back.” My father was an entrepreneur. We lived quite rich up to that point.

That was the day that we went from being rich to being in poverty for a while. I lived in an ant house. We call it the rat house. What was the impression that was made on me that day was watching my mother become financially disempowered and not ever recovering from that fully. That made a big imprint in my life. There were a few other imprints that were made that day too. If it’s okay, I’ll go ahead and share how those imprints were made, what I did with them and how they ended up sabotaging me in the long run. We all have our own stories and money narratives. This is part of the work that I’m doing to help leaders unpack this for themselves.

My story coming through that day was one, I’m not good enough because I’m not good enough for dad to stay. I’m going to save the day. I’m going to make it all okay for mom somehow and rescue her. That ended up turning into overcompensating through achievement. In high school, I was the gal who was getting great grades. I was on the flag team. I walked our high school down the Rose Parade. I was front and center doing that. I won an art competition. Universal Studios won the competition. This goes on and on, going all the way through Missionettes, which is the girl scout version all the way through. My list goes on and on.

By the time that I was 29 years old, I had already started three companies. One of my clients asked me to come over and take over as CEO for a short period of time. It’s a mortgage bank. This was what brought me from San Diego at that time to New York City. There were 100 people in that company. By the time I was 30, I was running a mortgage bank with over 100 people. It’s pretty impressive we might say. In my early 30s, I was the CEO of an award-winning wholesale chocolate company doing millions and all that great stuff. The problem was that, in theory, this all sounds great on paper. By the time that I was in my early 30s, while I had all the accolades, I had all the credentials, I was emotionally bankrupt. I had sabotaged my own ability to feel like I could live wealthy in my life.

REW 56 | Money Relationship

Money Relationship: When we shove that emotion down, and we don’t deal with it, it’s going to begin to express itself out in other ways.


During this time, I was also bulimic. I was bulimic for a few years. Behind the scenes, I’m a hot mess. In front of the scenes, I looked like I got it all together. I was miserable and suffering inside. I was making it all about the money. What the story that was running me was I got to save the day. I got to make it all okay. I got to prove that I’m enough. I prove that I’m enough. That was driving me. These are the kinds of stories that are driving us a lot. What did I do about all that? Clearly, I’ve been doing work for a long time to move through all of this for myself.

I’m the gal who moved from my twenties drinking two pots of coffee a day and not sleeping two nights a week to having a 2 to 4-hour morning ritual and routine. It’s a big shift in my life. What I learned through doing my own inner work and reclaiming my living wealthy power, I found out that I matter. I am enough. I care deeply. I have a lot of tenacity. I’m incredible at building things. I have great capacity for wealth. I began to unpack all that for myself to understand that what I needed was to become my own best friend, to find compassion for myself, to accept myself exactly as I was with what was happening underneath the covers, which was all this unprocessed emotionality.

It is interesting because someone who was very wealthy but couldn’t live like they were wealthy. People must think, “That’s easy for you to say. I like to get there.” There’s a whole range. You call it money personalities. There’s a whole range of money personalities from wealthy, not able to live wealthy, poor and trying to get wealthy. Could you talk a little bit about these money personalities and how that shows up for different people?

Before I do, to bullet what you’ve said, underline and bold it as well, you’re right. There’s an interesting distinction that a lot of people hold because a person has money that somehow their life is easier. I’m here to say, I work with those who are struggling financially to the millionaires, billionaires and everything in between. What I find is that we can all be prisoners inside of ourself. It doesn’t matter how much money we have. It’s not about the money. It’s about what’s going on inside of us. That affects how much money we have. Going to the person, the money personalities, there’s the avoider, which is the most common especially amongst women leaders and women entrepreneurs I find.

Often, emotions in this world are not given a space. Share on X

We’re avoiding money. Even those who might have a lot of money in the bank, they’re still avoiding. Maybe they’re emotional avoiders but they’re still avoiding money in some way. I’ve worked with those who’ve made $10 million and lost it twice. That’s its own form of avoidance and how they’re being in relationship with those in their life, their relationship with money, how that’s even happening and how that’s playing out in their life. We’re all avoiding. The avoidance isn’t necessarily just, “I’m not looking at spreadsheets. I’m not managing my finances.” It comes in these increasingly nuanced ways and becomes very sophisticated overtime. It’s the money avoider.

The second one is the one where we’re trying to keep up with the Joneses. This is where it’s never ever enough. There’s the cautioner. The cautioner we can think of the Ebenezer Scrooge. Ebenezer Scrooge is curmudgeon-y. He’s got lots of money. His finances are in order but they’re a prisoner inside themselves as well. They’re not happy. They’re not living wealthy. They’ll sacrifice themselves for $1. These are some of the money personalities. There are more. There’s a rebel as well who’s like, “I’m going to do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want.”

I’m beginning to over time with some of the research I’ve been doing with my clinical work to identify a few more. We’ll see how those begin to express themselves over time. It’s been interesting to have my research and the research that I’ve been doing on these many personalities confirmed by some of the other financial psychologists out there and what they’re seeing as well. We can see that some of how we express ourselves as primarily through one of these forms usually or there might be a secondary. There’s a personality type test and many personality tests that we can take. If someone’s interested in doing that, they can certainly head over to our website. I’d be happy to walk them through it.

There was something interesting in your bio where you talked about being an emotions advocate. I know that a lot of these imprints happen through an emotional response, an emotional reaction or something that was emotional in our life with you watching your dad walk out and see your mom crying. There’s a whole image that happens that imprints in our mind. It creates an entire emotional response. For me, I wrote a book called Choose Bliss. Bliss is about allowing ourselves to have all of those emotions but not living in the emotions except the ones that serve you.

All of them are clues whether you’re in ecstasy or despair. All of those are clues about what’s going on in your life. Where you want to live is in that place where I call bliss, which is this deep sense of joy and contentment. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have all the other stuff and we don’t have challenges but we have to honor the emotions. Bring ourselves back to an emotional home that serves our life and helps us to feel joy. That’s my perspective on emotions. I’d love to hear yours since you talk about being an emotional advocate, which most people will not even talk about. I’d love to hear your take on that.

We’re living in a world where emotions are often especially the intense emotions. Even what we would classify as positive emotions is often poo-pooed. “Don’t get too excited. Don’t celebrate too much.” It can be too muchness. Often emotions in this world are not given a space. My story is a perfect example of how repressed emotion begins to express itself. I see and I hold that there are all these different aspects of ourselves. I call it the four worlds of humanity. Nothing new about what I’m about to say, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves. What is interesting is we are not listening to our emotions. Let’s say anger, for example. I’m angry that my father left but I’m not processing it because I’m pretending like I’m fine. It’s the “I’m fine” syndrome.

When we shove that emotion down and we don’t deal with it, it’s going to begin to express itself out in other ways. That might begin to express itself out in thought, which it did for me. “I’m somehow not good enough. I need to go prove that I’m good enough.” That was a thought process that I was having because I wasn’t dealing with what was happening for me emotionally with that imprint in my life and that experience. It started also showing up behaviorally. I became bulimic, its form of trying to sooth myself. I’m trying to move and process something out of me that I can’t seem to deal with. It’s expressing itself in another form. If I had continued with that, that could have brought all kinds of other things, stress, anxiety. It creates all kinds of things in our life, our hearts, cancer. We know this has been proven over time in science and research.

REW 56 | Money Relationship

Money Relationship: The simple truth about the nature of money is that it’s our natural state of being.


It also shows up spiritually over time. I call it the scar tissue that begins to build up when we’re not dealing. We’re not handling the repression in our life or the ways that we’re operating in our life that are not what we desire, that are not wholesome. In the spiritual aspect, what that might look like is I’m feeling very disconnected from my purpose. I don’t even feel like I belong. I don’t have a sense of belonging. What are my passions? What am I passionate about my creativity? I’m not even connected to it. I’m not even been doing any of it. Emotions have a lot to do with everything coming back to this. When we repress anger, sadness, despair, fear or whatever other emotion we can insert, it’s coming out in some way, shape or form. It just looks different.

Much like you, I see emotions as our friends. I’m like, “Come on, anger. Sit down right next to me. Let’s have a talk. What’s going on?” We hear a lot about emotional intelligence but we don’t necessarily know what that means. I see that emotions are packed. They’re like nutrient dense soil that’s super-packed with information about what’s going on. I call it our North Star. It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. There’s a very big distinction between our truth in the moment and right or wrong, good or bad. We’re not going to be dualistic about this. It’s, “What’s happening to me? I’m angry. No wonder my chest feels tight.”

What are the thoughts that are happening? I’m feeling upset that my father walked out the door. At three years old, I’m not doing this practice but I’m walking you through the example. “I’m angry about the situation. What do I need?” We can begin to understand what our needs are in that moment. What are our unmet needs? I believe that we’re walking around in a world with a whole bunch of people that have a whole lot of unmet needs. They are making all kinds of financial, world and business decisions that are based in fear, anger and sadness. They don’t even know it.

We’ve talked a little bit about the nature of us. Let’s move to the nature of money since we’re talking about being wealthy. Talk to me a little bit about your perspective on that. Tell us a simple truth about the nature of money.

I believe that the simple truth about the nature of money is that it’s our natural state of being. I think we’re born naturally wealthy. Why I bring nature into the dialogue and conversation is because I believe that nature is one of our greatest teachers. We’ve lost connection with one of our greatest teachers and gifts in life. That’s Mother Nature herself. I’ll give you an example. A couple of years ago, I was in Tulum, Mexico. It’s a great spot. I learned that the soil there is primarily made of limestone so it’s super hard soil. Most of the ecosystem has a hard time rooting down, especially in times of drought. Below this limestone and soil are these cenotes. Cenotes are caves that are filled with water.

Most of the ecosystem above the cenotes can’t root down to access in a time of drought, except that there are some trees that are strong and big enough to be able to break through that limestone, go down into the cenote and bring the water up into itself. Here’s a cool part. This is where it gets interesting to me. It begins to share the water with the ecosystem around it through the microbiome, fungi and bacteria in the dirt in the soil. It communicates with the other ecosystem around it so that it can support the system around it being incredibly generous with what it has to support what is suffering and what’s having a hard time.

We're walking around in a world with a whole bunch of people that have a whole lot of unmet needs. Share on X

Does it have to do that? No. Why does it do that? It’s because a more flourishing ecosystem creates a better environment for the trees. All that microbiome and the fungi, when it goes on the tree it’s supporting it. It’s helping it. It’s feeding it in its own certain way. The tree knows inherently that if all of the ecosystem is taken care of, that not only is it better for everyone, it’s better for me too. Nature has all these incredible, simple principles that I believe we can look out in relationship with wealth, money, how to behave, to learn from and reconnect with. To me, coming back to the question, I believe that our natural state is much like nature. It’s naturally being wealthy.

I believe that the biggest joy of being wealthy is what we can do with it in the world. It’s not who can we give to. I believe that people also do not value what they’ve been given. I don’t know if you disagree with me on this but there has to be some level of deserving your own respect and wealth. It was handed to you. You may go into that whole thing about, “I don’t deserve it. I’m very entitled.” There’s weird stuff that happens when things are given. However, I do donate. There’s a lot of stuff. There’s no need to talk about all that. The point that I’m trying to make is our ability as wealthy people to make the world a better place through the work that we do is the biggest joy of being wealthy and is the most fulfilling piece of it. I love that you talk about it that way because that was a perfect example of how that shows up. It’s not as obvious in our human community of how that works.

What you described that being generous, being in relationship with our wealth, that’s how it can be. It’s not for everyone who has wealth. It’s not but it can be. Much about that state, which is what I call living wealthy, that natural state of beingness, feeling free, feeling full where it’s regenerative rather than just like, “I want to suck it all up and store it over here for myself.” That is not a natural principle. Money is meant to flow. Money is simply energy. In fact, money only becomes what we make it. Money, I believe, is that quietness in space, that nothingness. Money is what we make it mean, what we make it be through our energy.

This is how I see it here. If we clear ourselves of what is blocking us, clogging us, the traumas, the stories, the emotional pain, it’s so much easier for everything to flow in and out. I had a vision several years ago. It’s a cool vision. I drew myself. It was on a New Year’s Eve evening, intention setting, party. I loved it. I had this vision of myself. I was standing out in nature with the trees and the birds. My face was tilted up to the sun. The sun was beaming down on me. My arms were open wide. I’m standing there feeling totally free and open. The sun was pouring these beautiful rays, different colors, red, orange, yellow and white into my heart.

I was standing there not needing to do anything just receiving it. Out of my stomach was a magnification, 10 to 100 times bigger light coming out of my stomach feeding the world. I was being filled. I didn’t need to do anything because it was coming right through me. It was like I was a prison for more being shared. That is how I hold myself in my life. The only way that we can live into that fully, that kind of an experience where it’s like receive and share, however sharing means for you based on your values, I hope. That’s what’s possible but if we clear it.

You have created something that you call the living wealthy model. They know that we’re going to do a deep dive on this, which I’m excited in EXTRA. Could you give us a high level what that means?

The first phase of the living wealthy model is getting awareness. This isn’t a new concept out there in the world. Getting awareness of what is identifying what’s happening inside of you. That’s what we’ve been talking about in this conversation in a certain way. It’s getting clear on what are the emotions that I’m having, what thoughts are those creating, what’s happening for me behaviorally and how’s that showing up in my purpose in life. We can’t get around it. I work with a lot of folks who have done a certain amount of personal or spiritual development. They come and meet with me. It’s like a whole other level.

I had a client at the end of 2020. She’s like, “Jennifer, I feel like I was the marble and you were Michelangelo. You created the Dave.” I said, ” Let’s make sure that we’re clear here. I handed you the pick. You were Michelangelo creating your own David.” That’s what the experience is. It’s like taking away all of the things that don’t belong there. Once we have an awareness of what is there, that creates understanding, it creates another level of understanding about what’s going on inside of us, how it got started, why. We get to this construction zone, I call it. In this construction zone is a constructive choice.

We can either beat the hell out of ourselves. The three-headed drama lama, I call it, comes out. The bully comes out. My expression of the bully is the Hulk. We all have it. Is the bully coming out? Is the victim coming out? Is the hero coming out? What is that looking like? It’s this inner critic that we all have in here. Do we understand what happened by the unpacking, getting the awareness, identifying what’s there and going, “No wonder?” In which leads us down the path into compassion for ourselves. When we can access that compassion, we can get to this place where we can move into acceptance, acceptance of what is. We can move into forgiveness, whether that’s of self or of other. With that, we can then begin to excavate.

This is where I have a lot of fun with clients. I take their hand and I’m like, “Come on. Let’s go inside. Let’s take a look. Do you see all that shit over there? Let’s clean it up. I’m getting the dump truck. We’re backing it in. Get the shovels. Load it up. Let’s get this out.” What’s left is all this beautiful gold inside of them. It’s like, “How do we clean this all up? How do we get that gold inside of you to shine so bright?” We enter then into the phase that requires discipline. It’s integration. I call it the practice field. This is where I do a lot of practices, all kinds of practices of clients. We often think that, “I got the information. I’m clear on what is happening inside of me. I’m good.” I’m like, “Did you decide that you got the awareness, you’re going to go climb Mount Everest? You went. You got the backpack, some of the equipment and you’re going to go up to the summit. Is that how it goes? No.”

REW 56 | Money Relationship

Money Relationship: Make sure that when you’re making these financial kinds of decisions that you’re doing it in alignment with who you are. That’s part of living wealthy.


We don’t expect ourselves to do that in a physical aspect. Somehow when it comes to our mental and our emotional aspect, we seem to have a lot less patience. We got to enter that integration practice field for quite a while so that the full alchemy of remapping that whole humanness can happen. Once we do and we’re fully committed to that process, then we enter embodiment. That’s where we become liberated where possibility, choice and freedom like I was describing that flow. Freedom is possible where we are open and live wealthy. That’s the wealthy living model.

We’re going to do a little deeper dive in EXTRA. What does that look like?

I’m going to share some contemplation questions to get the ladies here started on the first phase of awareness by helping them unpack and identify what’s there.

Ladies, that’s going to be cool. Let’s stay in tune for that. Jennifer, could you tell everybody how they can reach you?

It’s easy. Head over to JenniferLove.com or you can find me on Instagram @TheJenniferLove.

I know that you had a free wealth assessment. That’s at JenniferLove.com.

That’s right. Free wealth assessment gives you a lot of great insight into what’s going on for you with your wealth and living wealthy.

Thank you for that. Are you ready for our three rapid fire questions?

Yes, ma’am.

Jennifer, tell us one super tip on getting started investing in real estate.

My tip here is to leverage your network. A lot of what I see, whether it’s investing in real estate or investing in your business doesn’t matter. People think that they don’t have the network that can support them in doing the funding. I call bullshit. I wrote a Huffington Post article several years ago. There are 600 people that want to fund you and those 600 people are in your own life. There was a New York Times article several years before that showed how the average person, the average American at least, knows 600 people in their life who would be willing to support them in some way, shape or form. Not necessarily direct money but be able to connect them with other. I’ve done a lot of fundraising over the years with my own companies and with other people. I’ve helped to raise over $100 million. I know a little bit about asking people for money. Whether that comes to real estate deals or anything else in your life, you can leverage your network. There’s one tip here. Sit down. Make a list of the 600 people you know and ask.

What is one strategy to be successful in real estate investing?

First of all, investing yourself greatly. Making decisions when you’ve got all that stuff inside of you is not going to go so well in long-term. Believe me, I know. The second suggestion I have here is especially for the newbies or those who are still figuring it out. Put on your science lab hat and make it the experiment. It doesn’t have to be perfect upfront. It’s not like you’re going to get all the great returns right away. Make it an experimentation process and go in like a scientist. My grandfather was one of the first scientists in the United States to work on penicillin. If he hadn’t put on his science hat, where would we be?

The same rings are true for anything in our life, including being successful in real estate. Start by being realistic. Invest in real estate based on your values. That might mean doing it a little different. Maybe one of your values is sustainability. You’re all about investing in revitalization. You can still make great money investing in real estate based on your values. Make sure that when you’re making these financial kinds of decisions that you’re doing it in alignment with who you are. That’s part of living wealthy.

Running our businesses through our values, through the filter of our values makes it much more meaningful too. What would you say is one daily practice that contributes to your personal success?

I started out there with the morning routine and ritual. That is huge for me. I’ll share what that looks like. For me, that’s breath. That is contemplation. I spend time in the mornings contemplating. It’s where all the magic for me. I’m a 4:00 to 6:00 AM wake up time. Contemplation, meditation, visualization, all of the things but also pandiculation. Pandiculation is a form of stretching. It’s like what the animals do. It’s not stretching out as far as we can go range of motion. It’s resistance against so that we create the tension to get rid of the tenseness in our body. Pandiculation is a very powerful way that I open my body up. I open my heart up. I open my mind up. I turned myself on. I have a connection practice where I connect with myself and the planet. That’s my morning ritual.

Money is meant to flow. Money is simply energy. In fact, money only becomes what we make it. Share on X

Thank you for that. This has been amazing. Thank you so much for what you’ve shared on this portion of the show.

You’re welcome.

I can’t wait to talk in EXTRA more about the living wealthy model. Ladies, thank you for joining Jennifer and I for this portion of the show. Stay tuned for EXTRA. We’re going to be talking more and doing a deep dive on how to get started in that living wealthy model, which is what we’re all here about to live wealthy, blissful lives. I’m excited about that. If you are subscribed, stay tuned. If you’re not but would like to be, to go to RealEstateInvestingForWomenEXTRA.com. You get seven days for free. You can download a ton of great content and then stay or not, whatever you prefer. For those of you that are leaving Jennifer and I, thank you so much for joining us for this portion of the show. I look forward to seeing you next time. Until then remember, goals without action are just dreams. Get out there, take action and create the life your heart deeply desires. I’ll see you soon. Bye.


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About Jennifer Love

REW 56 | Money Relationship

Jennifer Love is a wealth philosopher, money therapist and the founding CEO of The Living Wealthy Institute. She is a sought after advisor to world leaders and an international speaker, author and educator weaving the aspects of our humanity into her garden conversation about the nature of wealth.

Award winning, 5x career entrepreneur with 20+ years under her comfy Keds, Jennifer Love is a thought leader with a heart that matches her name. For almost two decades, Jennifer has studied human and organizational behavior, and the relationship leaders have with their wealth and money. Metamorphosis and the patterns of nature inform her methodology. She unpacks our dichotomy of emotional poverty to reunite us with our innate desire to be free.

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Upgrading Consciousness And Finding BLISS The Fun Way! With Carl Hunter

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I am excited to welcome to the show, Carl Hunter. He is an artist, entrepreneur, transformation coach, and subconscious mind programming expert. He’s also the inventor of the amazing new MindPower Acceleration Technology called MindFlavors. He began his self-development journey as a young child by seeking ways to improve his own behavior in order to get better results in all areas of his life. He started pursuing it seriously in 1987 when he discovered a powerful method to reprogram his subconscious mind.

This led to him achieving his dreams by the age of 31 of traveling around the world, getting into the diamond business, and moving to the Virgin Islands where he spent many years enjoying the tropical island life. In early 2015, while continuing to pursue faster and more powerful methods of transformation, Carl discovered some ancient power secrets. Using these newfound ideas, he invented this revolutionary technology that has trumped all his previous techniques for harnessing the power of our subconscious mind.

Carl is one of my coaches. As we go through this show, so much of the time, I feel like I’m bringing you new ideas by real estate professionals, but I haven’t shared with you yet my secret weapons. The people that make me who I am in my business and my life. They support my bliss and take me to the next level because bliss is a forever evolving thing. I’m going to constantly be getting more blissful and should you too. I asked Carl to be on the show because he’s one of those secret weapons. I wanted to share him with you because he’s amazing. Ladies, lean into this conversation because Carl is a special friend and mentor of mine. Carl, welcome to the show.

Thank you for that wonderful introduction, Moneeka. It’s always great to be with you.

Tell us a little bit about your journey, like the high-level two-minute version of how you got to where you are.

About many years ago, I got into business for myself. I was young and I started a diamond business. In the beginning, it was going well, and then things started falling apart. I didn’t know why. I didn’t have the experience in business to understand a lot of the mechanics that normally people could put into place. I had some good understanding of the business, but what I didn’t understand was, what was affecting the business was my consciousness.

I had to hit rock bottom before I could realize that something had to change in me in order to change the outer world. I started learning about the subconscious mind. I discovered a way to program my subconscious mind in such a simple way where I could see overnight results. Once I started experimenting with that, it completely changed everything because I realized that like in the diamond business, real estate, and any other business where sales are involved, our level of success is in direct correlation with our level of success in our consciousness. If our consciousness expands, we are a larger container to handle more success.

Ladies, feel into that one. Wouldn’t you like to be a larger container to handle more success, more bliss, more joy, more expansion and more money? I love that, Carl.

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What I learned in this whole process is that everything in life, we’re creating our reality in every way, all the time. Most of how we’re creating our reality is below our level of consciousness. We think that we’re in control of things and we make decisions, then we use our willpower, which is with the conscious mind to make things happen in the physical world. It’s like the tip of the iceberg below the surfaces, 95%, that’s driving the behavior and communications that happen between us. A lot of things that we don’t see there, that’s more of the invisible communication and things that are happening that have a bigger impact and influence on the outcome.

Let’s start talking a little bit about MindFlavors. How you develop that technology and why?

Once I learned how to program my subconscious mind, it’s a writing technique. It’s simple. You do it before you go to sleep in a certain way, and you can see the results the next day. Once I saw the magic in this and the power of it, I decided right away that I was going to master the process. I did everything I could to leverage the tool of the programming with my own mind. I’m tapping into my own genius mind. For years, I live my dream life. I traveled around the world. I lived in the Virgin Islands. I did all the things that I love doing and moved to New York City to expand my art career. I had got to a point where I realized that again, my consciousness had to expand in order for things to go further. At this point, I was ready for a big expansion, big upgrades, big next level and high-level transformation.

I decided to program my subconscious mind to produce that result. I programmed myself to increase my manifestation abilities exponentially. The beautiful thing about the subconscious mind is it doesn’t have limits. Whatever you can describe, you can program and it can happen. The way this works is you program it and then you observe in the outer world things that show up in your experience because you begin to attract new things in alignment with the new requests that you’re putting with your programming. I attracted to me information that opened up new doors to new ways to influence our minds for a manifestation. I came across some ancient wisdom that I’ve now combined with modern technology to create this MindFlavors experience that creates new neural pathways in your brain in 4.5 minutes.

What does MindFlavors help you to do? It makes near more neural pathways and more access to your subconscious mind.

It does a lot of things automatically right off the bat. I’ll give you some ideas about what types of things we hear from people when they first experienced this. One of the first things that we noticed about everyone is that the negative mind chatter that most people are accustomed to hearing all day long suddenly disappears. It’s completely gone. For most people, that’s such clarity they’ve never experienced before. What goes along with that because when we talk about rewriting and rewiring the brain, creating new neural pathways, everything that we experience is based on patterns of beliefs that we’ve developed during our impressionable years when our subconscious mind was being created with that structure. According to that structure, those patterns, that becomes its own frequency that then attracts things that match that frequency.

Our frequency is based on a lot of different patterns that we’ve developed over the years, that we’ve picked up. These patterns for most people are not expansive patterns of unlimited possibilities, success, and all of those things. They’re patterns that were developed in moments of crisis or moments of fear and things that we developed when we didn’t know that we were developing those beliefs. If somebody gave us a dirty look, we might’ve decided that people are mean.

If we decided that in those impressionable years, then that pattern gets developed. It gets ingrained into the subconscious and then the subconscious simply executes the pattern. It carries out the pattern. If it picks up a pattern like that, then it’s going to influence everything else in a person’s experience. It’ll always have to be filtered through that pattern. The MindFlavors technology immediately clears out a whole bunch of that on a broad scale. It’s called MindFlavors because there’s more than one flavor. What you’re focusing on while you’re using the technology is what tends to expand in your experience.

Consciousness Upgrade: Our conscious mind is the driver. The subconscious mind doesn’t know where to go unless you tell it where to go.


People experience new levels of clarity right away. In our program, around day three, people experience and often express getting a complete new download of their business. Maybe things that they’ve been struggling with for years to try to figure out. Sometimes, all of a sudden, they get crystal clarity on how to put it all together. The reason why I believe this is happening at such a rapid pace like this because we’re tapping into the language of the universe, which I’m sure you’ve heard before that the language of the university is Math.

What I’m talking about in particular is Geometry and not just Geometry, but Sacred Geometry. There are all kinds of new patterns of connections that are occurring here and alignments that happen from this advanced technology that wipe out those limiting beliefs and give you the opportunity to immediately create new neural pathways of success, happiness, joy, and all of the things that we like and believe that we can create with our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind is the driver. The subconscious mind doesn’t know where to go unless you tell it where to go. For most people, were they told it to go is not in the places where they’d like it to go. This is a way that you can rewrite that, turn things around, and have things flowing in the direction that you enjoy, and having all of your energy and focus. It’s amazing how easy life can be and how easy we can manifest when we are not working against ourselves. With the old programming, most people are working 95% against themselves without realizing it. They’re working with their conscious mind and willpower, and that’s why it can be challenging. This is a way to completely release all of that stuff and have life flow a lot easier.

I do know that most of us are taught that the way that we succeed is through focus, willpower and discipline. That’s what equals success. What’s been amazing is to discover through my process with you that those words can be changed. I love how you change them around. You call discipline to blisscipline. Tweaking the paradigm a little bit doesn’t take a lot. Tweaking the paradigm in the conscious mind allows us to open to all these new possibilities while you’re working on the subconscious so that they can come together in a much more cohesive form rather than this tug of war that normally happens. You talk a lot about living from the inside out. I know you’ve already touched on this a little bit, but let’s dive a little deeper into that. Can you explain more about what living from the out is like?

It seems like it’s such a simple thing, but it’s a big concept because we’ve all been conditioned to live from the outside in. When I was young, like everyone else, I grew up that way. I got trained to work hard and I was good at it. I was able to have success in those ways. Do you remember my story about the diamond business? I worked hard. I made things happen. When they weren’t staying in place, I didn’t know why that was happening. Why it was happening is because the inside wasn’t already built and in alignment with what I was seeking in the out outer world. I was approaching it by looking at how do I fix it in the outer world?

Living from the inside out is we don’t do that at all. We don’t completely ignore, but we ignore the outer world. We look at the outer world as an indication of what our creation from our past experience or past programming. If you see something show up now, it’s because in the past you were in alignment with that outcome and now, it’s here. That past could have been five minutes ago or could have been a year ago. You may have put out the intention. Living from the inside out is instead of fixing things in the external world, we build it on the inside. When something happens in the outer world, it is like the gas gauge in the car. When you see the gas gauge go down to empty, you don’t get mad at the gas gauge and say, “Why aren’t you went full?” You realize that’s an indicator telling you to fill up the fuel tank.

The same thing is true here. When we’re living from the inside out and we have an interaction with someone in the external world and maybe it’s not one that’s pleasant at the moment, we look at that like, “This is interesting. The programming that’s inside me, that whatever pattern from the past is producing this result. What is happening right now?” We identify what’s happening. We reverse engineer and change with our words. With our program, we change what we see. When I was in the jewelry business, in any sales, it’s the same thing. If we have an interaction with a customer and it didn’t go the way we would have liked it to go, we can say, “What happened there? Maybe the communication wasn’t great.”

We can change and program that our communication is excellent with our prospective clients and they easily turn into happy clients and happy customers. Living from the inside out is a whole new way of looking at your world, knowing that you are the one that’s creating your reality. You’re not looking at the world from, “What’s happening to me?” You’re looking at the world of, “What am I generating and creating in the external experience?” You look at everyone else and every other component in the world as simply actors or props or components of your movie, that you are the writer, director and creator of it all. If we’d like for other people to show up differently in our world as actors in our movie, then we rewrite the script and program ourselves that in our movie and our pattern, we attract people who show up in this way.

It's amazing how easy life can be and how easy we can manifest when we are not working against ourselves. Share on X

That’s important because so much of the time we think we have somebody in our life that we care about and, “They’re not making us happy” and we need to change them. It’s a little bit different to think about, first of all, they can’t make you happy, they can either support it or not. The person that makes you happy is you and your response to that person is what changes that relationship, not changing them. We can’t change other people, nor circumstances. The only thing that we have real access to is ourselves, and this technology gives us more access to take more control, as well as more responsibility for our own lives.

What I love about this whole process is when you get started with it and you start living from the inside out, it’s the most exciting thing in the world. You will realize that there’s nothing out there happening in your world that you aren’t influencing and with the stroke of a pen or other tools and easy things that you can do quickly, you can transform your reality. It can seem magical because most of what is happening, is below our level of consciousness. We’re only 5% and some people say it’s as little as 1% conscious of what’s happening and all the different things that are going on in our experience.

We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg and the surface of that. When we program ourselves to have a different experience and people show up differently, it can seem like magic because our conscious mind of that 1% or 5% is saying, “How did that happen? I worked hard to do this before and nothing showed up. All of a sudden, I’m doing nothing. I’m not doing anything different and there it is.” It seems very magical in that way.

I know it’s technology, but let’s do a little deeper dive into what makes this different than other modalities in personal development that people might have already seen?

What makes it different is that this is an external tool and technology that you can use that changes things internally. It allows you to reset who you are, currently showing up as to who you truly are because we’ve taken on all kinds of patterns and things. What’s different about this is it’s highly accelerated and it’s transforming things on many different levels at the same time. It is a synergistic approach because there are many different things.

I’ve been using the technology to program myself, to make the technology better. It’s been continually improving in that sense. Most approaches that are recommended in this world for change are dealing with the conscious mind. That’s one of the main things that is different here is living from the inside out. We’re working primarily with the subconscious mind. Our program is a lucrative sales success, but we don’t even talk about sales because we’re working with the consciousness that is what affects the outcome.

What’s interesting in my experience in working with you guys, is that I’ve done a lot of work. Bliss is my thing. I’ve done all of those things. I could discover it in life to bring me closer to my own bliss and to clear out all that stuff and all those patterns. We do meditation. I’ve done a lot of brain entrainment. There’s been a lot of different stuff that used even some visual stuff, but nothing pulls it all together in the same way and goes as deep. I feel like I had cleared out so much stuff. I was totally over all that stuff and somehow, we got even deeper. I’m even lighter. I’m even more clear. We got to new levels that didn’t seem accessible with any of the other things that I had tried that’s available, even if it’s dealing with the subconscious mind. Not everything that I’ve tried deals with the conscious mind and willpower. There has been a lot that also deals with the subconscious, but nothing to this level.

That was very well put and especially from someone who’s experienced it. Thank you. That’s nicely put.

REW 37 | Consciousness Upgrade

Consciousness Upgrade: Living from the inside out is a whole new way of looking at your world, knowing that you are the one that’s creating your reality.


Let’s talk a little bit about how you see that MindFlavors might help in the real estate business. There are a couple of things I want to preemptively tell you. There are a lot of people that are reading this show that our agents are in sales, but most of the people are investors. They own their own properties, purchase them and might put renters in there.

Let’s use that same concept of success in sales with investing. It’s the same thing because what we’re talking about is changing our own patterns. It doesn’t matter where we are. Wherever we are, we can always increase and go higher. With regards to investing, the best way to go into an investment is to be in alignment with the successful outcome. The best way to be into that is to tap into things that go beyond what the conscious mind is aware of. The conscious mind is like being tossed about on the top of the ocean in comparison. When we’re working with the subconscious mind, you are more grounded and more in alignment.

It is what motivates you to take the actions that produce that result. Let me back up a little bit. With investing, for example, if you’re starting from scratch on investment, if you can program your mind in advance to produce a successful outcome from that investment. Whenever decisions come up, maybe it’s when to get out of the investment, the whole host of other potential points along the way, but when it comes to decisions, your motivations are going to come from those patterns and programs that are in the subconscious.

If the pattern says, “No matter what I do, I always get less than what I put in.” No matter what a person does, that’s what’s going to be the outcome. If the reverse is true, you can be skipping along happy doing hardly anything at all and have huge success. It’s based on those patterns. The same thing is true in an investment. When you’re going into that investment, you can program yourself to be calm about your investing. You can program yourself to always buy low and sell high. That’s a good way to put it here, to bring it down into more basic terminology here.

Buy low and sell high seems basic and obvious to the conscious mind. When someone is making the decision and there are all kinds of emotions involved and all kinds of other factors, variables, and business effects different things in their lives and their decisions, go right back to that subconscious program. If they believe they deserve to have all of those things working wonderfully, then they will make the choice that will create that outcome.

If the person believes, but they have a fear about something or whatever patterns in there, then they might make a decision that would cause that potentially good investment to not be such a great investment. We are influencing these things on many subtle levels. The best way to get more advancement in any part of your life is to upgrade your consciousness and that happens primarily through the subconscious mind.

I think that through working with this technology, one of the things that have expanded in me is my trust in the universe. I trust that the universe has my back and that things are working out exactly as they should be working out. For instance, I have a construction project that I’ve been sitting on for eight years. We’ve been bleeding money on this. We finally got our permits and we funded on our commercial loan, but it’s been a real process. I know that through the beginning, there was all this angst, upset, anger and frustration. We moved through this. It’s been a long process. I’ve had to let it go. My trust in the process and the trust that everything is going to happen exactly as it should did not happen.

I believe that the universe has always taken care of me. It will always provide success for me. I believe all of those things and my life shows that, but to the level that I’ve experienced it now with this project, didn’t happen until I was working with you guys. I am in absolute awe of when the loan finally closed, we thought we’d be opening champagne and having a big party. What happened inside of me was, “Of course.” There was an expectation, not that we don’t celebrate. Life is a celebration because I know you guys do that more than anybody. There’s the expectation of success. Success is not a surprise. Failure would be a surprise.

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Most of us live in the other way, where success is a surprise. If we can look at that, success is not a surprise, success is expected. When we have things that don’t go exactly right, we might consider failures, they’re just a signal to tweak. It’s not a failure. It’s a completely different way of looking at things and so much more relaxing, especially in a situation like mine where, “This is a $5 million project. We’ve got a lot going on and a lot riding on this.” There’s lots of opportunity for stress, for being afraid of what will go wrong and for those things, but they’re not happening. None of that is happening inside of me and because of the way that I’m leading, it’s not happening to my business partner either. It’s been such an interesting shift in me, in my life and my business.

That is one of the things that we notice right away are doubt, worry and fear disappear. Those are the things that usually affect people in making decisions that they don’t want to make. When doubt, worry, and fear are gone and you’re in flow and confident naturally without even an effort, you’re using all of your energy in a positive creative way. I like to use certain expressions and cliches in reverse. When those things happen, I like to say, “That’s life.” When the good things like that happen, when you got your financing, “That’s life.”

Since I’ve been working with you, I do that too, “C’est la vie.” It’s all about like, “I got a Tesla.” It’s such a sweeter way of looking at life. I’m good at this bliss thing. When you met me, you knew that immediately. I believe that we are constantly evolving and I will always get more blissful. I’m not as blissful today as I will be tomorrow. I do believe all of those things. I did not think anybody could take me to such a higher level. I’m grateful that we joined forces and that’s been happening in my life. I want to say thank you to you for that.

You’re welcome and thank you for sharing that. I appreciate that on many levels. It’s true. It is an entirely new level of experience. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to explain to someone until they’ve experienced it themselves. That’s why we do like to let people have that opportunity to experience it themselves and see what all the excitement’s about.

In EXTRA, he’s going to be talking about this programming, the writing exercise that he does for his programming in exactly how he does it. You’ve probably heard things similar. In my many years of personal development, I have never seen anything like this or have an impact on me that it had. It’s surprisingly simple, but because it’s simple does not make it impactful. As a matter of fact, because it’s simple, it makes it more impactful. He’s going to be sharing that with us in EXTRA. Before we move on to any of that stuff, Carl, could you tell us a little bit about what you are offering my ladies so that they can experience the technology?

We like people to have the experience of what this is like and see for themselves. What we can offer for your readers is, we meet on Zoom and we give you the opportunity to experience this 4.5-minute video. We stay right there with you while you’re experiencing it and then we talk about it afterwards. The way to do this, what we do ask that you do beforehand is to take a look at some of the before and after videos of other people who have gone through this experience so you have an idea of what to expect. It’ll be things like you’ve never experienced before, but this will give you some idea of what to expect from the experience.

If you go to BlissfulInvestor.com/MindFlavors, you can look at the before and after videos. Also, you can see some of the testimonials of what other people have been experiencing, and you can also get more information if you’d like there. Once you’ve done those things and looked through that information, you can sign up to meet with us. We will meet with you on Zoom and have you experienced the technology yourself.

It’s such an amazing experience the first time you go through MindFlavors. Ladies, go forward, go check it out. You’ll be grateful. You never pursue the program or anything like that. Having that experience, knowing that there’s this whole new world of opportunities opens you up to new ways of thinking and being. It’s an amazing experience, even doing that initial consultation. Carl, are you ready for our three rapid-fire questions?

REW 37 | Consciousness Upgrade

Consciousness Upgrade: When we’re working with the subconscious mind, you are more grounded and more in alignment.

I’ll do my best.

Tell us one super tip by getting started investing in real estate.

One super tip would be to program yourself to be successful right from the start. That what I would say is you can do it right off the bat. Program yourself to be successful with all of your deals right from the beginning.

Tell us one strategy for being successful in real estate investing.

To get into the mechanics of your deals, have clarity on what are the pieces to your deals that require being in place and then programming that on the inside so that you are completely aligning yourself with all aspects of success in all aspects of your deals.

What would you say Carl is one daily practice that you do that contributes to your personal success?

I do my programming every night. It’s the power of the pen here. The thing that I do is I live from the inside. I focus on the outcomes that I’d like to create and I create it on the inside. I then just live life, be happy and let the flow happen.

You’re consistent. I mean, “I program.” “You should program.” You should live from me and say that. There is a thing about people that are consistent and successful is they know what they’re doing. Someone successful can give you advice about what they’re doing to create success. It might be repetitive, but it’s because it’s real and it’s what they do. Thank you for that. I’m excited about moving into EXTRA. If you are already subscribed to EXTRA, stay tuned, we are going to be talking about his secret weapon, the thing that he does to program his mind and he’s taught me how to do that too. It’s a special thing that he does.

We’re going to be talking about that in EXTRA. If you’re not subscribed to Extra, but would like to be. Go to RealEstateInvestingForWomenExtra.com. You get the first seven days for free. I would recommend this is the time that you go and check it out. What Carl’s going to share with us could change everything, not just in real estate, but in your life and your relationships with your health. We’ve got another year. 2021 is right around the corner. This might be the thing that you take into the new year that could change everything.

In the meantime, if you do get Carl’s episode and you can get a bunch of other ones downloaded too. However, if you are leaving me now, thank you for joining Carl and me for this portion of the show. I appreciate you. I look forward to seeing you next time. Until then, remember, goals without action are dreams. Get out there, take action and create the life your heart deeply desires. I’ll see you soon. Bye.


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About Carl Hunter

REW 37 | Consciousness UpgradeThe creator of MindFlavors® is Carl Hunter, an artist and entrepreneur from New York City.  He began the self-development journey as a young child by seeking ways to improve his own behavior in order to get better results in all areas of his life.

He started pursuing it seriously in 1987 when he discovered a powerful method to reprogram his own subconscious mind.

This led to him achieving his dreams by the age of 31, of traveling around the world, getting into the diamond business, and moving to the Virgin Islands, where he spent almost 10 years enjoying the tropical island life before moving to New York City to pursue his art career.


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