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How to do a Pro Forma Analysis with Stacy Bahrenfuss

Today I’d like to welcome to the show our guest Stacy Bahrenfuss (Bare in fuss)

Stacy is the Founder of Catalyst Group, and Creator of the Inside Out Success Method, a system at the core of her premier consulting program  for female change makers, Limitless with Stacy B. 

Stacy started Catalyst Group, her real estate company, at the early age of 19. She sustained her company through the housing crisis of  2007-2010, and continued to scale her business beyond the 7-figure mark, to become one of the top performing real estate teams in the state  of Idaho. Stacy’s experience is vast; she has been a single agent, has run a large team, and has even operated as the Designated Broker for  Catalyst Group as a brokerage. She has personally funded and sold a development project consisting of 11 upper tier new luxury homes while  still operating her real estate team at Catalyst. 

Her success in the real estate world has given her a vehicle to share her mission, vision, and purpose. Now, she guides female global change  makers to discover inner freedom and fulfillment to create lasting success from a beautiful inner state to achieve the change and results they  wish to see in the world. 

Welcome to the show Stacy!

  • How do you succeed without stress? How is your methodology the fast track to success from the “inside out”? 
  • In what ways does the methodology help women leaders distinguish between the different inner states, and attain freedom and  fulfillment in the process? 
  • What is the triple threat system and how does a daily routine set the stage for your success? 
  • What is the missing ingredient to whole life success?

In this episode of EXTRA we talked about:

  • Importance of validating an investment from the proforma analysis
  • Deep dive on the triple threat system and how to integrate that routine.
  • Worksheet link:


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Release and Clear the Stress and Come Back to Bliss with Amy Schuber

It’s been such an interesting year. And with all that we’ve been through I thought it might be time to do a collective healing on all of us. I want each of you to feel grounded, supported, and blissful. So invited a close friend of mine to do a collective healing so we can all show up in the world as our very best selves.

As you know I usually pre-record these episodes, and I felt so light and uplifted after this healing. I hope it supports and uplifts you too.

If you love this healing and would like to find out more about Amy, just go to

Sending lots of love and huge warm hugs.

Build a Business Not a Job with Jake & Gino

Today I’d like to welcome to the show our guest Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro

About Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro

Jake and Gino are best selling authors and founders of, an education platform helping others achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing. Jake and Gino have owned and operated over 1,500 multifamily units, have $100,000,000 in assets under management, and host the #1 multifamily real estate podcast on iTunes, Wheelbarrow Profits.

In This Episode We Talked About

  • How they find Mom and Pop apartments
  • How to build a business not a job
  • Free copy of The Honeybee – email them gino@jake and

Get Real Estate By Trading Assets with Ryan Matthews


Ryan Matthews is an inspirational speaker, author and decorated veteran who trained elite Army K-9s and then became a civilian dog-trainer using his proven formula to train over 3,000 dogs. He earned almost $1,000,000 in 2½ years. As a workaholic; his success was plagued by the effects of a childhood trauma and PTSD. At age 30 he was diagnosed with multiple, life-threatening conditions.

After a near-death experience, he felt like a failure. He decided to transform himself and

share his story to help others thrive.

Author of “The Canine Connection” and “Heel Your Dog, Heal Your Life”, Ryan mission in life is to share his gifts and talents to positively transform the lives of others. His TEDx talks are called “Overcoming PTSD with Dog Training Techniques” and “Let’s Treat Each Other More Like Dogs.”

For more information visit


In this show we discussed:

1. How Ryan traded unexpected assets to buy real estate and build a profitable portfolio.

3. How do you handle the negative thoughts that come to mind before a big deal/decision?

4. How does dog psychology translates to human psychology? The formula: RTCR

5. What’s your best tip for real estate investing?

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Learn how to create a consistent

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