Book Resource

Welcome to the resource page for the Blissful Investor Book!  I hope you enjoyed the book and that these additional resources are helpful to you.  

1) Understanding your Core Values.  

In order to really create a blissful real estate investing business, you need to start with YOU!  If you start with what makes you tick, your business will be more sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable.  To take a look at the more detailed version of the Core Values exercise from the book please go to:

2) Blissful Investor Masterclass.

This has been renamed the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula, because it really is the formula for how I’ve created my success in real estate.  It gives you the secret sauce I use to keep my investing business blissful, fun, and very profitable. To find out more go to:

3)  Do you want to learn more about how to be successful as a real estate investor.  Listen to my top rated podcast at  In the show we talk about real estate investing strategies, mindset, emotional mastery, creating bliss, money smarts, and all those things you need to create true success in your business and your life.