Moneeka Sawyer, The Blissful Investor, hosted the first annual Real Estate Investing Summit for Women

Yes! It happened! The Blissful Investor herself, Moneeka Sawyer, not only created the first real estate summit designed just for women, she leveled the playing field again by taking the entire event ONLINE! 

That’s right!

The Real Estate Investing for Women Summit was an entire event dedicated to showing women how they can create REAL wealth with real estate.

Did you miss this summit? 
You are in luck! We recorded every minute and haven't
edited out ANYTHING in these recordings, so it will be just like you are there.

If you are ready to take action and create real wealth with your own investment strategies, then this is where you need to be AND you don’t even have to travel or get dressed up!


You’ll be amazed at how much Moneeka has packed into these two FULL days of life-changing training from the top real estate specialists in the country…


Our speaker’s list is a “who’s-who” of experts in the art and science of creating wealth and a blissful quality of life through real estate…

Don't miss this 
unique experience! 
Join the most successful people
and learn from the best


REW 12 | How to Make Money

Maureen McCann

Maureen has helped women all over
the country create cashflow that is as
close to passive as you can get in real
estate. Her expertise and passion for
helping people enables her to create a
plan for you that will meet your goals
and keep your investing blissful..

Crystal Mewhorter

Crystal was a single mom with a more-than
-full-time job when she started investing in
real estate. She knew she wanted a better
life for her kids, and ached to spend more
time with them before the years slipped
away. She has perfected the Mommy
Strategy, which allows you to do good for
others while creating wealth and time
freedom for your family.

Chris Prefontaine

Chris has built a family business on buying
real estate on terms. There are ways to
start investing in real estate with no
money down! Chris will show you how to
do it, without pursuing distressed sellers.
You get to deal with people who want to
sell their homes and build the cashflow
and wealth you are seeking, starting with
very little capital.

Emma Auriemma-McKay

Emma shares the little things we can do
that cost very little, but greatly increase
the value and profits from our rental
properties. She brings an architect's eye
to this topic, and her suggestions will
surprise you.

Amanda Holbrook

Amanda has been sharing how to build
wealth in your self-directed IRA for over
a decade. If you don't have money to
invest in real estate, or are trying to save
for your retirement, Amanda will share
some juicy information on how you can
supercharge your retirement accounts to
meet your financial needs..

REW 96 Mark Willis | Zero Taxes

Mark Willis

Mark is a master at helping people get
ahead. Whether you need to pay off debts,
find money for real estate investing, or just
wanting to save for the future, Mark will
show you a surprising way to invest that
could completely change the way you look
at and utilize your money.

Barbara Stewart and
Sally Peterson

Meet Moneeka’s Realtor Team at
Quintessential Real Estate Team, Inc

Barbara Stewart has been active in the
real estate industry for over two
decades now as agent, broker, property
manager and investor in multiple states
and types of properties. She is familiar
with probate and trust sales, 1031
exchanges, self-directed IRA purchasing,
various short term rental platforms. 

Sally Peterson is fortunate to have a
career that combines her two passions,
investing in and selling real estate and
helping others. She combines her
problem-solving skills and creative ability
to collaborate with clients to see the
underutilized potential in properties.

Author Highlight

Jacqueline T.D. Huynh

Jacqueline is passionate about helping
parents leave a multi-generational legacy
in financial freedom, leadership and
wisdom for their children. She specializes
in Turn-key investing and her youngest
client is a precocious 14 year old young

Sasha Barber

Sasha is a broker/owner of Guided Realty
 - The House Of Conscious Real Estate
Transactions. She believes that investing
in real estate can serve as a vehicle to
fund any passion in your life, so you can
best serve your purpose and carry out
your unique mission. Her superpower is
helping you to use your intuition to
purchase properties that are the best fit
for you.

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Rebecca is the founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, Creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series events and TV show, Creator of the Speaker Talent Search, and International Best Selling Author (multiple times). The Producer and Creator of: “Empowering Women, Transforming Lives” (rated #1 on the Women’s Channel and syndicated on multiple networks). She is a true expert at getting things done and shares how you too can manage your time and energy to live your most blissful life.

Karen Briscoe

Karen Briscoe is the creator of the
transformative "5 Minute Success"
concept. Her books Real Estate Success
in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top
Agent Revealed and Commit to Get Leads:
66 Day Challenge® offer a combination
of information and inspiration delivered
through memorable stories. The daily form
at with take-aways to get into action
propels one to achieve success at a higher
level in business and life. She will share
tips on common sense ways to create
wealth in real estate.

Don't miss this unique experience! 
Join the most successful people and
learn from the best

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Don't miss this unique experience! 
Join the most successful people and learn from the best