Simple steps to get started investing with Amy Bersamin – Real Estate Women

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Today I’d like to welcome to the show our guest Amy Bersamin!

About Amy Bersamin

Amy is passionate about helping people purchase real estate using money they never knew was available to them.  She was in her early 20’s when she first bought a house.  It was not until after learning how to use OPM to purchase real estate that she was able to buy rental properties.  Her vision is that young adults get the financial education and coaching so that they can be well on the path to earning passive income shortly after entering the job market. 

As the Managing Partner at Sweep Strategies, a financial education and coaching company that has changed the lives of over 3000 individuals and families across the US, Amy knows that having your own coach to help you with implementation is the key.  Sweep Strategies specializes in 1:1 coaching tailored to your unique situation.  Amy herself has coached clients so that they were able to purchase rental properties within months of joining their program.

In This Episode We Talked About

Moneeka Sawyer

Moneeka Sawyer is often described as one of the most blissful people you will ever meet.   She has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years, so has been through all the different cycles of the market.  Still, she has turned $10,000 into over $5,000,000, working only 5-10 hours per MONTH with very little stress. While building her multi-million dollar business, she has traveled to over 55 countries, dances every single day, supports causes that are important to her, and spends lots of time with her husband of over 20 years. She is the international best-selling author of the multiple award-winning books "Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment" and “Real Estate Investing for Women: Expert Conversations to Increase Wealth and Happiness the Blissful Way.” Moneeka has been featured on stages including Carnegie Hall and Nasdaq, radio, podcasts such as Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod,  and TV stations including ABC, CBS, FOX, and the CW, impacting over 150 million people.