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The Benefits Of Being A “Lienlord” With Bob Fraser
  Mortgage notes, also known as real estate lien notes, are loans that borrowers take to purchase a property that[...]
Increasing Diversity In Real Estate Investing With Deidre Woollard
  Real estate is a male-dominated industry where women are underrepresented and have a hard time breaking through. Calling for[...]
Getting Rid Of The Fear: Lessons From A Real Live Real Estate Investor With Anna Scheller
  A lot of people are held back from doing what they love doing or pursuing their passions because of[...]
Passively Investing In Notes For High Returns With Scott Carson
  Everybody seems to be in the note space already. Investing in notes can be a great way to diversify.[...]
Implementing the CARES Act to Benefit You with Lorraine Conaway
Financial Freedom is very high on the list for many people. The challenge is getting there. Where do I start[...]
SPECIAL EDITION: Creating Passive Income with Low Cash and Time Commitment with Roger Blankenship
In this podcast Roger Blankenship and I talk about an exciting new cash flow strategy that requires low investment and[...]
How to Break Past the Fear Barrier with Tony Maree Torrey
Tony Maree is an Australian born now based in Los Angeles, Tony Maree has been dubbed LA’s Foremost Success Coach.[...]
How An Aussie Can Move Half Way Across The Globe With Limited Funds with Reed Goossens
  Your dream of financial freedom is attainable with the right strategy. In this episode, Reed Goossens, real estate investor,[...]
How To Build Your Team To Build Your Business with Kris Ward
  Even the brightest and most successful people have a team behind them. In this episode, Kris Ward explains why[...]
How Anyone Can Create Stress-Free Passive Income Through Real Estate With Laurence Jankelow
  What comes after property acquisition is management, and it’s a whole different ball game that can be frustrating for[...]
How NLP Can Make You a Better Negotiator with Matt Brauning
  In this episode, Matt Brauning, keynote speaker and entrepreneur, joins Moneeka Sawyer as they discuss the power of NLP,[...]
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars with Monick Halm
  Sometimes, a six-digit salary doesn’t mean anything if it requires you to work a crazy amount of time and[...]